It Was A Female Rodeo At Neon Jungle

The Female Rodeo At Neon Jungle

Written by Cutty 

Neon Jungle had another fun filled night last Saturday, as it was the biggest we'd seen yet. We were not surprised by the bands that were in the building. A lot of people were anticipating this night for weeks, and the time has finally come. The bands of the night consisted of Harlee Torres, Jag, Animal Instincts, and the Dirty Crooks. This was a special night indeed, as it was the first time ever that Neon Jungle didn’t have a Moshpit session. The people were too busy locking in on the great bands of the night. Every band brought a different presence to the night, and the fans loved every single minute. Neon Jungle also debuted their wings, which the people loved and which sold out instantly. It was a great night to be at Neon as a lot of people from Temple came through to check out the bands of the night, and we could see a lot of people coming together and linking up with people they normally see while roaming the hallways of Temple. This was a night to remember forever.

The night started off right with Harlee Torres, who set the stage for the other bands as she was the only soloist of the night. The crowd loved how talented she was and was amazed by her sound. It’s rare that you can compete with bands when yours is a one woman band, but Harlee took the challenge, and the people reciprocated. It was easy to see that the Neon Jungle crowd was ready for a good night from the response they gave her. This was only the beginning of what has been called one of the greatest nights in Neon Jungle history. She ended her set with a performance of her new song on all streaming platforms "Call Me Again". Harlee was loved by the crowd at the end of her set and definitely gained some new fans from her set.

That was only the beginning of what was to come from this historic night. The band Jag was in the building and the crowd anticipated them all night, going around Philly and building up a loyal fan base; they had people locked in once they touched the stage. You can tell how organic their relationship is by how they play off each other. They don’t play like it’s a job; it’s a passion for them to make great music together. Their set was heavily favored from the beginning of the night as people from all over came out to see them play. They love performing because, as they said, they are holding out on dropping music; they want to see what the people love from them, and it inspires their set when it’s time to do a show. They gave us an exclusive that this summer could be the summer they finally let the music out for the people to enjoy, but for now, they like having people see them live and vibing out with the crowd. As they performed on stage, you could hear someone say, "We love you, Jag!" from the back. They gave us an amazing set, showcasing all of the members talents and giving them all a chance to shine. In the end, the people gave them a standing ovation and made sure to record the moment that this legendary band gave us.

The greatness was only to begin, as we had a band that really blew our minds. Animal Instincts was another highlight band of the night. With 5 members in the band, they came in heavy with the sound. The head singer was playing tambourine, and they had two saxophone players inside the band also. It was an experience like no other hearing the saxophone player do his solo; we complimented them after the set for being able to master a skill like that. The crowd was also heavily involved when they hit the stage, as you could hear people cheering from downstairs, song after song. It was something you didn’t expect, and they had everyone's mind blown. Their music being a mixture for everyone, we've seen people reacting all in different ways. It was our first time ever seeing two saxophone players in a band, and they created such a major difference in the sound that truly completed the band.

The night was mind blowing from start to finish. The headliner of the night, the Dirty Crooks, was a great way to end the night. They even rolled with the punches when one of their band members had to leave during the middle of the set. That didn’t stop them from rocking out with the Neon Jungle crowd; they did everything they could to pick up the slack and end the show right. The crowd gave them all of their energy as they waited all night to see them. It was a great way to end a historic night and exactly what the crowd was asking for. It was great to see them end the show right and with high energy despise the situation. It was a true testimony of dedication to the craft, and we enjoyed seeing it. It also capped off another amazing night at Neon Jungle. The crowd gave them a standing ovation at the end, letting them know how grateful they were to hear them play. You never know what’s going to happen at Neon Jungle.

Photos by @wesleyandproductions


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