Flocking Loud NYC On 4/20, Had Brooklyn Up In Smoke

Flocking Loud Had Brooklyn Up In Smoke

Written by Cutty

4/20 was celebrated heavily in New York City, and we took a trip down to Brooklyn to check out Flocking Loud, and the talent was in the building for sure. Music by Dj Blakfriday: he gave us the tunes we needed to hear. Even on a Thursday, the energy was lit like it was a Friday night; people came rolled up and smoked out. They were ready to celebrate the holiday, and the vendors in the building had edibles of all kinds. They had cereal, rice krispies, chips, and so much more. If you didn’t smoke, they definitely had snacks for you. Our judge of the night, Stunna Dior, had her hands full as everyone who hit the stage had a different skill level. There were trap artists, R&B artists, female artists, and of course, we had the spitters in the building who didn’t need a beat at all. It would be hard to choose who was the best of the night, but that's what made the night so good.

Starting out, we got to hear some real NYC sounds as we heard a couple of trap artists who gave us that pop smoke feel. We could tell they were easily influenced, and it's good to see his spirit is still in the NYC streets. A couple of artists who really stuck out to us trap wise was Ricky Savage; his sound was very NYC and gave us that real trap feel. We could see him going far on the NYC scene. Another artist who stuck out to us trap wise was Sayitaintron; after watching his soundcheck, we knew he was going to be special. He gave us that pain music and gave us situations that he survived to get to where he is today. His dedication to the music is inspiring, as he let the crowd know he took off work for the event, a true definition of chasing your dreams. We enjoyed both of their sets thoroughly and were very impressed.

We always love to see the ladies come out, show off, and keep up with the guys. Queen Ni came all the way from Jersey to show the boys that the competition was going to be hard for them. She had started the energy for the ladies as she is a dancer and artist, and she made sure to show off her moves as she hit a backflip right in front of everyone. She also had some really good music as she told the story of her friend, who passed away recently. Another all-star to hit the stage was Brazy Luca; she took the room by herself. Her energy was unmatched, as she came right at the crowd and let everyone know who she was. She left an impression on the whole room; we were all blown away by her. She has a bright future ahead of her.

We also got to see some music artists who could do it all, one of them being Neyquam, whose energy and performance impressed the whole room. He started with a turn up song to get the crowd off their feet, he went right into the crowd to make them feel him and ended his set with a song dedicated to his little brother, who is now incarcerated. Everyone in the room could feel the emotion behind the song, and if anyone had anyone incarcerated in their life, they related to the song. Then we also got to see an artist from Los Angeles, Marz Vader, who gave us a west coast feel in New York. It was dope to see a different style of music, and it still had people rocking in the room.

The people of the night who stuck out the most to us were starting with The Mixxy Gods; they reminded us of Wu-Tang as every member had their own flow and style that set them all apart, but the sound also collectively brought them all together. Every member of the group dominated in their own way, and we loved to see the energy they brought to the event. We are excited to see where they take NYC. Lastly, the headliner of the night, KP, was a beast. She shined loud and pride and gave us the energy we needed from a headliner. Her music was superior, and her energy was even better. She ended the show perfectly for everyone and was everything we needed to see from her. She definitely showed the artists in the room the energy you need in the music industry to survive and stick out differently.

Photos by @theofficialcutty


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