It Was Raining Cats And Wings At Neon Jungle This Weekend

Cats & Wings At Neon Jungle 

Written by Cutty 

This past weekend at Neon Jungle was a good one! The weather was out of control, but that won’t stop the Neon Jungle crowd from coming out and having a good time. We got to see some new bands from out of state, which is always a pleasure. One band came all the way from Massachusetts to be part of the night, while the openers came from Illinois. This week's bands consisted of Riddle M & Carter Ward, Robert’s Basement, Old Soul, and Elephant Jake. The people came for the music and wings, as Neon Jungle was gearing up for yet another good night. It’s always good to see familiar faces, as Animal Instincts came through to support the bands of the week. You could feel the community this past weekend; they came out and showed up for another night of great music, hot food, and Dirty Shirley’s at the bar.

The openers of the night started the night off right. Riddle M. & Carter Ward, who came all the way from Illinois, we're ready to show Philly something new. They both switched from vocalist to drummer throughout the set, which made their set so special. This two-man army had the power of a 5 person band. The people loved seeing these two talented artists on stage and gave them a warm welcome to Philly. The next band to hit the stage was Robert’s Basement, who was compelling, to say the least. The lead vocalist gave us a word during the performance that we had never really seen from a band; it was a dope moment for the crowd. Their music fits the rainy day vibes as they make more dark horror movie music. Out of all of the bands, they said the rain helped them the most because it spotlighted their kind of music. It made people feel like it was perfect for the night. They definitely complimented the night for sure.

A highlight band for us was Old Soul, who came from Massachusetts. They gave us some laughs and some rock and roll, for sure. They played real rock music, the most we’ve seen in a while. You could hear the lead singer screaming from upstairs; their energy was like no other and was perfect for this rainy night. They gave us some backstories on some of their songs, including one that included their landlord's dog, which had the crowd in laughter as it was a good comedy moment during this rainy night. They gave the crowd 110% on stage, and you could feel the sweat on their faces as they got off stage. You can tell they really enjoy making music for people and being different from other bands. It was a great sight to see, especially the first band from Massachusetts to hit Neon Jungle. Our headliner of the night was perfect who was Elephant Jake; they ended the night perfectly. Every member in the band brought out a different kind of talent, and the guitarist had his energy through the roof, which dripped into the crowd as everyone was rocking their heads for their set. This was their first time at Neon Jungle, and they complimented the space and the crowd as they felt at home and really connected with them. Their music was the perfect pick me up to end the night, as they were one of the most energetic bands of the night. The crowd gave them a standing ovation when they got off stage and ran upstairs to buy some merchandise. It was a perfect way to end this rainy night over at Neon Jungle.

Photos by @wesleyandproductions


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