Neon Jungle 4/22/23 (Exclusive Interviews)

Neon Jungle 4/22/23

Written by Cutty 

Robert's Basement

Robert's Basement came with high energy for the Neon Jungle crowd, and they gave us an exclusive on how they keep themselves so energized during sets. They also talk about how it feels to perform in Philly and how their music fits perfectly for the night. Their sound was very unique and was everything we wanted to hear. Come watch this exclusive interview below.


Old Soul 

Old Soul came all the way from Massachusetts to come perform for us in Philly and they gave us one amazing show. We were able to get some exclusive behind-the-scenes information about some of the songs in their set, which had everyone laughing. Their energy complimented the night perfectly. Come hear all of the inside jokes they talk about in their songs. Come watch this exclusive interview below.


Elephant Jake 

Elephant Jake was our headliner of the night, and they ended the night perfectly. They had the crowd on their feet throughout their whole set, and it was an amazing way to end the show. Their music is so different that you have no other choice but to love them. They explain how they make such timeless music in their interview. Come watch this exclusive interview below.


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