April Close Out Show At Neon Jungle

April Close Out Show 

Neon Jungle

Written by Cutty & Wesley

Neon Jungle ended out April with a bang. It has been on a run all year, and it was a major night for the Neon Jungle crew. People from all over came out to be apart of the night. The lineup of the bands was amazing as they normally are, but this night was special indeed as Neon Jungle is taking a week off and it was the last week on campus for the temple students. So the people came out to celebrate a long semester and have a great time at Neon Jungle. The bands of the night consisted of Petrol, Speak The Secret, Curse Words, and our headliner, Valendina. It was a great way to end off a rockstar April. Are you guys ready for the first show in May? Come hear all about this one below.

The first band of the night, Petrol, opened up the night and brought great energy to get things rolling. It was their first basement show in 8 years. They’re an experienced group of musicians, and it showed in how they gave a performance to remember. This was only the beginning, as the second band completely followed up on the energy and gave us some powerful words. Speak the Secret’s Easin, who was on vocals and keys, opened up to the crowd and gave a vulnerable set. Topics like mental health and sexual assault were mentioned before the songs. Hearing the personal connection behind the songs made them even more impactful when they played. It was the start of a magical night.

We also had a band come from out of town and be new to the Neon Jungle community. Curse Words came all the way from Washington, DC, and brought the energy early in the set. They told us that when they hit a new city, they knew they wanted to leave an impression on the crowd, and they did for sure. Previewing some new music from their newest project coming in the summer, the crowd was very pleased with their set. We can safely say they left behind a good impression and left with some new fans. The headliner of the night was Valendina, who ended out this legendary night in a great way. They brought the rock to rockstars as they were very interactive with the crowd, jumping into the crowd and making everyone feel apart of the show. It was our first time seeing a band this engaged, as they wanted the crowd to leave mind blown as the rest of the bands set the tone for them to strive. It was good to see them take advantage of the stage and make our Neon Jungle members feel good. This night was a night to remember and a great way to end out April.

Photos by @wesleyandproductions


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