Neon Jungle (04/29/23) Exclusive Interviews

Neon Jungle (04/29/23)

Written by Cutty 

Curse Words 

Curse Words came to philly and to Neon Jungle for the first time and broke down the difference between Washington, DC, & Philadelphia. They also share with us some of the most enjoyable things they love about the city. We also learned about their newest member and how she joined the band. Come see how all of them came together. Watch the exclusive interview below.



Our headliner, Valendina, gave us some gems and also told us about their journey to get to where they are today. It’s been a long road for these four members, but playing together, they love engaging with the crowd and showing other bands the proper way of shutting down a show. They have no problem showing others how to turn up at a house party. Learn about this and more in this interview. Watch the exclusive interview below.


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