Skydxddy And Friends Take Over Neon Jungle

 Skydxddy And Friends Take Over Neon Jungle 

Written by Cutty

It was a good night at Neon Jungle, as we had plenty of fresh faces in the building. This night was indeed special because we had people come all the way from Texas & Utah! This was major for Neon Jungle, as they are always looking to impact people outside of Philly and bring more outside talent to Philly. Everything was crossed off Neon’s list for this event. The bands of the night consisted of Blue Rain Boots, Sunfish, Demi the Daredevil, and Skydxddy. A lot of people were anticipating the bands of the night, with each band bringing their own fanbase and gaining a new one at the end of the night. Everyone was excited for this night, as we all knew we were in for greatness. We can proudly say that none of the bands gave us anything less. They all had a different style, but one thing was consistent, and that was great music from all of them. This was how the night went.

The band to start off this legendary night was Blue Rain Boots; they had a very different sound that was great for starting off the show. The crowd was attracted to their music and enjoyed every single second as they rocked back and forth, enjoying it. It was dope to see the energy start this way; we knew the night was going to be special. Following them was Sunfish, who had come all the way from Utah. This was special because you could tell they weren’t from around here by the music they played. They played hard as the drummer had his shirt off the whole performance because of how much energy they were giving. The crowd gave them a good response as well, as people loved the music they made. As it was their first time in Philly, they said it was worth the drive. The song we knew the crowd loved was "Doors," which seemed to be a crowd favorite. They said it was good to perform in front of new faces and gain some new fans.

The two bands to close out the night gave us our money’s worth for the night. Demi the Daredevil was next, and they had a message to speak about. They focused heavy on mental health and taking care of yourself. They made music around it, which we could see attracted people to them. They made you feel like they knew exactly what you were going through at the moment and were there to help. It was so dope to see the crowd react to them as they gave them nothing but attention, especially during their last song, during which they grabbed members of the crowd to come play on a drum with them and be a part of the set. It was definitely a magical moment, for sure. We were ready to see what the headliner of the night, Skydxddy, had for us. She came ready to show out, and her crowd came ready to see. Her set was something special for sure; you could feel the energy in the room when she stepped on stage. She had the people engaged. She presented her genre of music, "Traumacore," to us, and we can see why it’s successful. It helps people who battle through things like mental health, religious practices, and so much more. She really knows how to engage with her audience and make them feel accepted. The music follows us also, as her sound is undeniably different; it was like nothing we had ever heard before. Every song, you could see more and more engagement. One song, she brought a fan on stage, and they knew every word to the song. It was an amazing experience to be a part of seeing this talent flourish like this. She had lines of people waiting to see her afterwards so they could express how much they loved the performance. She even had some parents coming to see her. It was great to see such young talent affect people of all ages. We can see that this is only the beginning.

Photos by @pics_by_lizz


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