Taste & Sip Social (Exclusive Interview W/ Monaya)

Taste & Sip Social 

Written by Cutty 

Monaya Cleveland has been making a name for herself for years. This year, she is ready to take it up a notch. Monaya believes in putting together high-scale events for creatives to be able to have a space to network. This Taste and Sip Social was no different. This was the first of the year, but we can see where this is headed. She makes sure to pick a beautiful venue that makes you feel welcome and has drinks and food available for you. Her goal is to bring more business-minded people together, so she wants them to feel catered to when they go to her events. She had a live band playing music for the people all night; it was soft but jazzy, and it kept you in a calm state. The people invited to the event all had their own specialties they could help someone with. Every person in the room was seen talking to new people, telling them about their businesses, and seeing how they could collaborate. Monaya is working on her new company and plans to reveal it very soon. She told us her passion is to help small businesses and creatives be able to find the connections they are looking for, and she plans to make these high scale events one way of making that happen. Her company, Nabi & Co., treated everyone at the event and let you leave with a gift from them. It was an amazing experience seeing this in the heart of Burlington, a city that is not much talked about. She is spreading light among the locals and changing the county one event at a time. Watch her exclusive interview below.

Monaya of Nabi & Co. 


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