New Wave Showcase (Exclusive Interviews)


New Wave Showcase 

Written By Cutty 

Za Mula 

Za Mula was one of the queens to perform during Women's History Month, and she was loved by the crowd. Za Mula is an artist from Philadelphia who also lets us know she is working on her first movie and gives us an exclusive on it. Watch this exclusive interview below.


Big Phish 

Big Phish has been on the Philadelphia scene for a while now, and he lets us know he is dropping more heat this summer. We were also able to get an exclusive about his set and why he performs a certain song for the crowd. Come find out what the song means to him. Watch this exclusive interview below.



Jok talks about performing on her birthday and how much love she was shown at the new wave showcase. She also gives us an exclusive on her newest album set to release soon. If you want to know when it comes out make sure you check out this interview. Watch this exclusive interview below. 


Shammy Bedstuy Baby 

Shammy Bedstuy Baby is not new to his and hers lounge in Philadelphia. Coming from NYC, he shows a lot of love to the tristate area. He talks about the love he received from his performance and how the crowd gave him even more than he could have asked for! Find out in what way. Watch this exclusive interview below.


Rockstar Reeky 

Rockstar Reeky lets us know what this performance meant to him because it was different from others. He talks about just how far his team has come to be where they are now, and he also talks about his new ventures he started. Come find out this and more. Watch this exclusive interview below.


Yo Astro 

Yo Astro was one of the coordinators for the event, New Wave Showcase." He says he felt good about giving artists opportunities and also giving females opportunities during Women's History Month. He also lets us know when the next one is, so make sure you watch this to find out. Watch this exclusive interview below.


Mike Ways 

Mike Ways of WCMD has been putting together opportunities for artists for quite some time. His goal is to give the artist a platform to be able to express themselves, and he takes pride in knowing he is making a change in his community. Come hear what he has to say about the new wave showcase. Watch this exclusive interview below.


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