Community Day At The Met Philly

Community Day At The Met Philly 

Written by Cutty 

What a day at the Met Philly last Wednesday as the City of Dreams Coalition and Sister Taleah put together an amazing event for the city of Philly. They wanted to give back to the Philly community, so they were giving out jobs, doing expungements, making sure the city was signed up as a registered voter, and so much more. The City of Dreams Coalition also received citations from the city of Philly which was a great honor for the event thrown. It was a great day to bring the family out as they had a fashion show featuring local brands around the city. They did a tribute show to all of the fallen ones in the city and gave out a lot of flowers to the legends that are here today. Music-wise, we got to see headliners like Philly Freeway and Peedi Crakk while also seeing the ones coming up right now like Son of the 215 and Vellcrow and DJ Crazy. It was a beautiful sight to see them all together on stage. They had plenty of small businesses in the building to shop with, from skincare to clothing lines. The show itself was amazing; people really enjoyed themselves. It was a great night to be from Philly.

This event catered to people of all ages. It was an opportunity for everyone to thrive. The small businesses in the building had something for everyone; they had kids clothes, skin care products that are safe for sensitive skin, and a lot of Philly natives pushing their businesses. It was great to see them have this platform like the Met Philly to be able to spread their message to the community. The fashion show was a part of the show, which the kids really enjoyed. They loved seeing all of the designs; we can tell it inspired them to want to make clothes. Philly clothing designers being able to show off their creativity and inspire others was great to see. The tribute they did to the fallen soldiers in Philadelphia honored a lot of the people we have lost. It was great seeing everyone come together, as you could feel the emotion in the room. It was an amazing way to remember the people we have lost due to gun violence and other harmful ways. We even got to share a moment on stage with Freeway as he spoke about his recent passings.

The music part of the show was historic. We had Showtime Ent in the building, who brought out their stars like Project Sinny and Showtime Dom. They elevated the energy in the room as the kids were dancing on their feet. This was the start of a great night. As the night went on, we got to see Ace Da Khemist hit the stage. He performed in front of his friends and family, and to him, that was the best part of the night. We got to see the new Philly hit the stage also; these are the ones on their way up to legendary status. People like Son of the 215 showed us why he is next in line for the Philly Mount Rushmore. Working closely with legend Freeway, he is building up his historic resume. Another person, Vellcrow, is also paving his way as a Philly legend. When he performed his song dedicated to his daughter, the crowd could feel the emotion coming from the stage. His work ethic and music show us exactly what we need to know about his future. We then got to see the greats of our city, like Peedi Crakk and Freeway. Who gave us a historic performance. Freeway, who just sold out the Fillmore, spoke to the crowd about his recent success and the recent traumas that led him to that moment on stage. The crowd made sure to give Freeway his flowers as one of our city's legends. We also got to see Eness perform on stage, which was a great addition to the legends of Philly. As Eness is easily one of Philly's hardest-working people, the crowd showed him love and gave him flowers as he continues to hold down the torch for Philly.

The event was a day Philadelphia needed to be able to see the beauty that is inside the city. The City of Dreams coalition did a great job spreading that message. We have some exclusive interviews coming to our youtube

Photos by @wesleyandproductions 


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