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Real Ass Conversations W/ Traven 

Written by Que 

Jersey Watch is proud to present one of Jersey's Finest: Traven Mable and the “Real Ass Conversations” Podcast. Traven is a Willingboro native with deep roots in the community being a graduate of Willingboro High School and former Chimera. We had the pleasure of getting to know him and his podcast behind the scenes earlier this week. I asked him about the blueprint for “Real ass Conversations” and how it came to be. This is what he had to say… 

“It happened organically actually" - Traven 

When I was in college, I noticed people usually had the same mentality when it came to certain questions or topics. Things would get awkward because I would always be the only person in the room with a difference in opinion.

One year, I came home and met up with some my best friends. We got together and had a real engaging conversation over this question: Would you rather work a job you hate for 5 years and make 20 million or would you work a job you love for 5 years and make 1 million? The responses I heard were all different! It was refreshing, the way each person articulated a unique perspective was dope and inspiring to me! I really wanted to take that environment back to college with me somehow.

The “Real Ass Conversations” podcast has been growing for two years now and the future is looking brighter than ever. I asked Traven about what his goal is for the show

"Long story short, the podcast became the bridge that allowed me to do so, in addition to giving me a platform to showcase others” 

“My whole goal is to make people think again" 

"Sometimes you need somebody there to challenge your logic to make sure you’re going in the right direction or to help you see another path.” - Traven

As an individual who has experience with the grind of being an independent content creator, I asked him about the most important things he learned along the way and why we all need to tune into “Real Ass Conversations”

You don’t want to depend on your friends and family. In order to grow you have to be comfortable with selling yourself to a stranger. The more you push through an obstacle on your own, the more people will want to support you. For example, if someone rides by you and you're trying to push your car they might get out and help you; but if you’re just standing there. They probably won’t even waste their time. You have to really get out of your comfort zone in order to reach a new audience. 

People need to tune into real ass conversations because we need to learn how to address the elephant in the room. Society as a whole is afraid to talk about things that may make us uncomfortable but sometimes all we need is to see someone tackle a challenge to help us feel like we can too. That’s why you need to tune in to these Real Ass Conversations so we can all work on becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable.

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