10 Local Brands You Should Know Highlight (South Jersey Edition)


10 Local Brands In South Jersey
You Should Know

Written by Cutty

It's the last day of Black History Month, and we wanted to show you 10 brands from South Jersey that you should know. We want to keep more in our pockets so learn about these brands including some black-owned ones and check them out. Share with a friend if you see something that can help them or they may have been looking for. 

Vintage Extinction 

Vintage Extinction is a brand for both men and women. This brand is a South Jersey favorite, as it has been seen at the Melain Market in Willingboro, NJ. As the sole proprietor and a native of New Jersey, Sole infuses her personality into every aspect of her drip. She puts thought into every design to make sure it represents New Jersey in the right way. Make sure to check out Vintage Extinction if you are into streetwear; this is a brand you should have in your closet if you don't already. They constantly have deals running and new items being added every season. You can get gear for the whole family. Make sure to check them out today.


Justaicon is a clothing brand made in New Jersey by New Jersey native Rico. This is a clothing brand that started with the message of being greater than your current self and becoming an icon. Their brand pushes a message of positivity to the youth, telling them to do more in life. They have now moved onto bigger things, having opened up their first barbershop in Eastampton, NJ. To see this brand go from clothing to an actual barbershop is an inspiration for anyone from New Jersey. Make sure to check out this brand. Get some merchandise and go get a haircut at their barbershop.

Ooh La La Vegan

Ooh La La Vegan is a vegan meal prep company. They serve vegan dishes daily and offer virtual cooking lessons to people looking to learn more about eating vegan. They are now based right in South Jersey, where their mission is to teach South Jersey all of the good vegan options they have around them. You can also order some of their exclusive menu items, which include a biscoff cake and many more. If being vegan sounds interesting to you, make sure to reach out to them to sign up for one of their virtual classes.

Studio View App 

Studio View is an app available on all Apple devices that allows you to book studio time directly from your phone. If you're looking for studio time in South Jersey, they serve multiple studios in the area. Look no further; all you have to do now is pull out the Studio View app and book time with a studio near you. This app has been created for you to be able to find studio time around you and book it directly from your phone. This app is a must-try for all musicians. They are also always looking for new studios to sign up for free on their platform. If you know one, tell them to download it and try it out. 

Hustle By Nature

Hustle By Nature is a clothing brand from the Camden area that has become very popular over the years. They had a humble beginning, having been in the clothing game for a while. Camden residents are aware that this brand has been around for some time and are aware of how far they have progressed. Recently, they have been seen on celebrities like Wallo267 and on bigger stages. Being a stamp of Camden, this is a brand that you should know about. You can order their clothes online or catch them at a pop-up. If you keep up with them on Instagram, you can find out more details.

Sunnie's Honey 

Sunnie's Honey, created by Willingboro native Sunnie, is the newest thing to hit your fridge. Sunnie Honey is a medicated honey that has different flavors for you to enjoy. One of the flavors includes lavender, which is known to be healing for your body. So every drop of Sunnie Honey is meant to make your morning or night just a little bit sweeter. Flavors change with the season, so make sure to contact Sunnie directly to get your jar today. You want to try this honey as soon as possible.


Hypecityshow has been showing love to New Jersey for quite some time. They are an entertainment platform composed of exclusive content and interviews. They have conducted multiple interviews with South Jersey artists and creatives, and they have also covered South Jersey artists. Hypecityshow has been giving out opportunities to local artists for a long time, and we know you can find some great talent on their platform. Make sure you check them out on YouTube and listen to them on the radio as well. They are uploading new episodes weekly.

Delicious Dishes 

Delicious Dishes are a staple in Edgewater Park, NJ. They have been serving Jamaican food to the community for years. Every year, they stay consistent with their business, taste, and being a family-owned business. They have given back to the community by providing delicious food that is only available at Delicious Dishes. You can order oxtails, fried chicken, and so much more at Delicious Dishes. If you're looking to try some new food in the neighborhood, make sure to make a stop at Delicious Dishes.

Dirty Politics

Dirty Politics is a brand from Atlantic City, NJ. Dirty Politics is not only a streetwear brand; they also give out multiple opportunities to the community. In April, they will be bringing back another festival for NJ artists to perform at called Great Day Fest. They have more ventures coming up as summer is around the corner. This is a brand that has multiple opportunities attached to it. So if you are from the Atlantic City area, make sure to connect with them to find out what's going on in the area. They can have something for you to do or some dope gear to buy. 

Tattoo Studio 237

Tattoo Studio 237 is a brand new tattoo shop in Westville, NJ. This shop was opened by award-winning tattoo artist Juicehead. His dream is to deliver high-quality tattoos at a reasonable price. His mission is to make sure you leave happy when you leave one of their tattoo seats. He has years of experience that he puts into his shop to make you feel welcome. If you're looking for a place to get a tattoo in South Jersey, this is the shop for you to check out. We know you will have an amazing experience. 

These are 10 brands we think you should know about if you don't already. They are all brands we support and think you will love. They are majority also black-owned, so make sure you spend them dollars in your community. Let us know what you think about these brands below in the comments.


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