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Rhythm & Brews in Mount Holly, NJ

Written by Cutty 

It was a special night over at Spellbound Brewery as Rhythm & Brews was back for the second time of the year. Presented by G-Willikerz and his crew, they put together this event to help local talent get seen by the community. Hosted by Wash This Podcast, Scoop, Truth, and Sole were in the building, and they were ready for the crowd. The seats were all taken, as the crowd knew tonight was going to be special. There were a lot of New Jersey artists on the bill, and we even got to see some Willingboro natives hit the stage. While there may only be 6 performers, the selection was handpicked, and every performer gave their own energy to the crowd. We heard a variety of flows from this night, ranging from conscience rap to straight bars. It was a good night to be a fan of hip hop; even during the middle of the show, the host of the night made sure the entertainment was tight with a hip hop trivia game that ended with some giveaways.

The start of the night was a heavy one, with the first performer being a Willingboro native, Pik Da Geek. His name being very unique just like his music. It was his first solo performance, and he wanted to give the crowd a treat. He gave the crowd all exclusive music for the night to see how the crowd would like it. Every time he sang, another person would get up and dance with him. This led him to do an a cappella live on stage, and the crowd erupted at the end. His performance was so good that the crowd made him do an extra song. Another artist who caught our eye was Ninetty from PS; he gave us straight bars all night. He even had the crowd chanting along with him. In every bar he spit to the crowd, his energy drew the room together. He also had two features: King Slim and DreArtist. He also previewed his newest single, which is coming out in March and is called "Dog Walk," which the crowd loved.

The night didn’t slow down as the host of the night had some things to give out to the crowd, Sole from Vintage Extinction was in the building helping host, and she gave away some exclusive merchandise to the crowd, one of which was a collaboration tee she did with Changed. Everyone in the audience enjoyed the hip-hop trivia, except Scoop, who knows far too much about hip-hop and knew all of the answers. Moving onto the second half of the show, there was still more dope New Jersey talent coming our way. Another artist that stood out to us was ER Black. His positive message in his music pulls you in as he also talks about deep topics in America. Dedicating one song to the passing of George Floyd, you could feel the energy in the room, and people could feel his passion in his music. The closer of the night, Straight Venom, is someone to keep an eye out for. While he parties like a rock star, his music is very relatable. He makes music most people in the room could relate to, and we can tell why they saved him to close out the show. His bars in the music were very mature and had a message. It was a perfect way to end out the show.

Overall, the show was amazing for everyone who came. We got to see G Willikerz give us a special farewell set that the people really enjoyed. He then thanks the audience for coming, saying that this was all a dream for him, and that seeing the lives he's changed along the way in his hometown is special. It was good to see the New Jersey natives supporting each other, both the ones who are new and the ones who are already in the game. It was a good night to be from New Jersey. 

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