Camp Neon Jungle (Exclusive Interviews)


Camp Neon Jungle

Written by Cutty 

The Jette Planes

The Jette Planes are a superstar young band that has Philly on fire right now. They kicked off the night and had the room's attention, as everyone wanted to see this band on the rise. The Jette Planes, who received a lot of praise throughout the night, are not to be missed. Come see what exclusives they gave us on some upcoming music. Find out about this and more below.


Wallace, Tonight 

Wallace, Tonight is one of our favorite bands of the night. They are so versatile when they play that you can love them for multiple reasons. We love the ability they have to pick up the energy or slow it down; it shows their true talents. We were able to see why they liked playing that way in this exclusive interview. Find out about this and more below.


Riko And Whaler Collective 

Riko and Whaler Collective were some real rock stars that we enjoyed seeing perform. They performed at a very high level, bringing up the energy in the room. The crowd reacted to them very well, as you could see someone in the crowd hanging from the ceiling in excitement, and one band member joined in. He said, "Why not join the fun?" Find out about this and more below.

Liquid Pennies 

Liquid Pennies was the closer of the night and did not disappoint one bit. They came all the way from Tampa Bay, Florida, and it was their first time touring in Philly and coming to Neon Jungle. Their performance was amazing, as they gave us a different sound, which the crowd enjoyed a lot. They also had merchandise with them and even cassette tapes for people to buy. Find out about this and more below.


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