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Tracey Parson 

Written by Cutty 

Tracey Parson is a woman of excellence when you get a chance to look at the work she has put together. There are not many in the industry like her. She runs an independent film company named "Trapar Entertainment" and is working on her new film as we speak. This new film called "Fuxk D3m Kids" has movie star Clifton Powell as one of the many stars featured in the fim. She has one film already released on Tubi called "Broken Trust" in collaboration with the philly director Jimmy Da Saint. She is also a book author, but more importantly, she is the definition of turning your life around. She has 4 more films planned for release before the year is over. Come find out all about Tracey Parson in our exclusive interview below.

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Tracey Parson 

Exclusive Interview (Youtube)


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