Come Meet Excellence - Al Tariq Best aka Mr.Hubb

Al-Tariq Best aka Mr.Hubb

Written by Cutty 

Al-Tariq Best is a community leader, an artist, and so much more to the community of Newark, NJ. Al Tariq started music when he was 9 years old and spent a long time with his local hip-hop crew. As his knowledge and experience grew in the music industry, he came to terms with the fact that he wanted to do things his own way and focus on artists' mental health, as he knew it was a big part of us as humans. His label, "ThatHUBBLife ENT," focuses on artists' mental health and making sure they are mentally prepared for the music industry and everything that comes with it. His Arts & Trauma Center has been standing tall in Newark for more than 10 years now. Helping at-risk teens have a different option in life and learn skills that will last them a lifetime. This year, for the first time ever, his center is putting together its first award show, looking to showcase the legends in New Jersey, especially Newark—the ones who are here and the ones who have passed away. Throwing the event on his birthday, Al-Tariq Best said he wants to celebrate the ones who have paved the way for him and everyone else after him in Newark. It's a day of celebration for many reasons; contact Al Tariq for more details on attending the award show. Come find out all about Al-Tariq Best in our exclusive interview below

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