Rhythm & Brews (Exclusive Interviews)


Rhythm & Brews 

Written by Cutty 

Pik Da Geek 

Pik Da Geek is a Willingboro native who is fresh to performing and was putting on a show at Rhythm & Brews. With him doing an exclusive set for the crowd, including an acapella freestyle, people are ready to hear his music. He gave us the perspective of how it felt hearing the crowd's reaction to his music; want to see what he thought about it? Watch the exclusive interview below.


Ninetty From PS

Ninetty from PS another Willingboro native, was also performing live at Rhythm & Brews in Mount Holly, NJ. His energy sprung high with the crowd as they loved his rap performance. Giving the raw bars to the crowd, they were heard repeating the words to his songs. He also previewed his new single, "Dog Walk" and gave us an exclusive story behind it. Watch the exclusive interview below.



G-Willikerz is an artist out of New Jersey who was just looking for a stage to create on, and then he decided to make his own. Rhythm & Brews has been running ever since, giving south Jersey artists an opportunity to showcase their talents. He has told us since then that he has changed so many lives and impacted the community more than expected. Watch this exclusive interview below. 



One of the hosts for the night, Sole from the Washthis podcast, tells us what her perspective is on New Jersey unity. Being from Willingboro, she talks about how much it means for us to stick together. She also goes into detail about her brand, Vintage Extinction, and what's coming soon to a store near you. Watch this exclusive interview below.


ER Black 

ER Black was the surprise of the night; his bars were very mature for the crowd. He spoke on topics that were very serious, like mental health, which most rappers don't discuss. His vision is to get men to feel more comfortable being more in touch with their feelings. Do you feel like you agree? Watch this exclusive interview below.

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