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Top 5 Tips Of 2022 For Music Artists

Written by Cutty 

It's been another great year for music, and we have seen some good music come from it. A new class of new rising artists arrived this year, ready to show the music industry who can potentially take it over the top one day. It's also artists who were already on top who we saw go further, showing their fans they still have love to give back to them for supporting them for so long. The best part about it was that we got to enjoy music at an all-time high again. It's the end of the year, and we wanted to give you guys our top 5 tips we saw all year that kept the good artists, well, really good. Paying attention to the greats ahead can teach you a lot. These are tips you can take with you into 2023 to use to improve your music career. We took a deep look into some of the best drops from 2022 and gathered up some great tips for you today.

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Tip #1 - Music Quality 

It's been no secret for a long time, your music quality will get you far with listeners. You want your fans to be able to hear a clean track of music so they can fully interpret the picture you paint for them. Music quality is the first tip because you want to focus first on making sure your music sounds right. This is the first step toward becoming a musician: realizing that your music can improve as its quality improves. You can hear and visualize what you're saying better. In a recent interview with Drake, he mentions renting out a venue with 21 Savage, just to listen to the mixes of their songs so he can hear every mistake and fix it. You want to hear what your listener is going to hear. If it sounds bad coming out of your speakers in the studio, it's going to sound bad coming out of the speakers in a car. Invest in your career early by either having the right equipment to record yourself so you can have your best vocals or going to the best studio to have your voice recorded on the best mics. Another aspect of music quality is your engineer's ability to hear what will sound good on the final mix of the song. The engineer is equally important as the studio you go to. They are controlling your vocals, which means they control how the listeners hear your song. So if you can master those two first, you're already on your way to a better music year. 

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Tip #2 - Presentation 

People will perceive you based on how you present yourself. Always know that you control your image. So the second tip is presentation, because it's very important to be able to give your fans your best art. Whether you are presenting yourself on social media to your fans, shooting a music video for a new song, or making a cover art for your album, It's all a representation of the artist you are. So present yourself wisely when you have the chance. Social media can be looked at as just an app, but really, it's how your fans keep up with you from day to day. It makes them feel like they know who you are and are a part of your life. Examine how you present yourself and what you post on social media. You are showing your fans firsthand the artist they are listening to when they watch your social media. The same goes for your music videos, they get to see how creative you are and what picture you wanted to paint when you made the song, and only you can present that to them. As a result, whatever you present to them, they will accept and accept you as. So, looking over what you have done this year, do you feel like you're representing yourself to the fullest potential? If not, next year, work on your presentation and see where your career goes. 

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Tip #3 - Promotion

If there's one thing we've seen this year, it's creative promotion. There are so many ways available to us nowadays to promote ourselves. You have social media, physical promotion (flyers on telephone poles, billboards, etc.), and the list goes on and on. If you haven't started yet on any of these, let this be the year you try them. The third tip is promotion, because promoting your work is an everyday hustle for the successful. You always have to find a new way to promote your work, people see advertisements every day. You want to be seen as many times as possible to make people see you as something. They like to keep up with something or be a fan of something. So what are you feeding your fans to give them a reason to stick around? Promotion should be a big part of your game plan for next year, no matter what you are doing, The main goal of a business is getting seen. So do that for yourself, and promote yourself in whatever way you see fit on a daily basis, but there are far too many ways for someone new to get to know you. Take advantage of them in 2023 if you want to see a change. You can get creative and really show the world your creative side. Stand out and do things that show the world you are different, and this is why they should know about you.

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Tip #4 - Live Shows

We have finally gotten back to live shows! Yes, you can perform outside again, and there are plenty of stages available. Our fourth tip is to go to\do shows because meeting people in person is the best way to build a fanbase. There is no better feeling as an artist than performing your music live. So doing a live show is a great way to build your fanbase. There are various types of shows available depending on where you are as an artist, so find the show that is right for you and attract those new fans who are waiting for you. Some artists have never performed before, so an open mic may be the best place for you to go because you can get feedback on your music and also practice performing it. Then you may be able to sell out a venue so you can put together your own shows, bring all your fans together, and give them a special experience that will make them love you forever. Doing the right show only elevates you as an artist, so it's time to get back in the groove of things if you haven't performed this year. In 2023, take advantage of more performing opportunities so you can grow your network; your fanbase is out there waiting to meet you. 

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Tip #5 - Social Media

This is one of the most important tips of them all: social media. This is a must if you are a music artist and you want to master being on social media, communicating with your fans, and giving them daily content. Social media is a way of getting your music out there, meeting new people, and keeping your close fans in the loop with what's up with you. Social media is growing more and more daily, and new people are getting discovered so easily. It's important that you stay on people's timelines because you want to stay at the forefront of their minds. Whether it's sponsored ads or you posting daily, you want to be on a person's timeline every day. Using all of the tips above and saving this one for last should significantly increase engagement on your music and social media. If you create great music, present it in a great way, promote yourself, and do more shows, then put it on social media. You are in for a great 2023. Social media has helped many people get discovered, and you are the next one they are waiting on.  

So as 2023 creeps up on us, we wanted to give you our best advice on how to start the new year. This year, we learned so much that we can apply it to the next year and help ourselves. So as we end the year, we can't wait to hear your new music or meet you at a show next year. If you take these tips and use them, you will see more positive results moving forward. We can't wait to see what you create in 2023.

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