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Mir Fontane

Home For The Holidays 

(Mir Fontane Style)

Written by Cutty 

Mir Fontane’s home for the holidays concert was a treat for sure. Held at the Foundry in Philadelphia PA. Jersey Watch’s own Wes was in attendance and it was not a show to miss if you are a Mir Fontane fan as he brought out his whole crew for this special night. The holiday feel was in the room as it “felt less like a concert and more like a family gathering.” - Wes. It was rising stars in the building also as Mark McCafferty & Franky Hill gave a legendary performance to the Southside family in the crowd. The show had a lot of Jersey people in attendance as they always make it a priority to make it to a Southside Show. They gave away gifts and performed unreleased music and even Mir Fontane gave moments of vulnerability as he talks about his career. We are happy to see the Southside family together as they used their show to pay homage to their long-lost friend Jose, a big staple in the Southside Family. It's been a while since everyone was together, so Mir Fontane and friends made it worth the wait. It felt like a good night for Jersey, for sure. 

franky hill

The energy in the room really began with the opener of the night. Music artist Mark McCafferty made a special performance as this was the first live show he has done, stating he wanted to do it on a special night. He dropped his last project 2 years ago and the results from that project speak for themselves as you could hear people singing along with him in the crowd. He had a big part of the crowd for his set. Many people came out to see this historic moment. Even though he is still in the early stages of his career, after this concert we all knew he was in for a bright future in music. He set the stage for Ish Williams who would be following up after. Another rising star whose name always comes up is Franky Hill, who also performed. Franky Hill has been making a name for himself for quite some time now, this concert being no different. He brought high energy to his set that the crowd reciprocated too. He brought some special extras onto his set, as he had a live band with him during his set. The band plus Franky and you have yourself a legendary set to kick the main show off. The crowd enjoyed both artists and as Franky ended his set we patiently waited for Mir Fontane.

ish williams

Before we get onto Mir Fontane's set for the show, you can't mention Southside without mentioning the whole crew. As they are all talented in their own different ways, Kev Rodgers always brings out the fun side of Southside when performing as he is very engaging and brings up the energy. Ish Williams is always one with the fans, as he wanted to make sure the people who came out and got a treat as he gave out gifts on stage to the crowd to show appreciation for coming to the show. “We All We Got” he shouted out as the crowd repeated it back. Setting the energy high in the room doing a tribute to the late greats like Mac Miller, Nipsey Hussle, PNB Rock, Pop Smoke, and Juice WRLD, playing bits of their music for the crowd. The best tribute of his set was the one for his long-lost friend Jose. He also brought the opener of the night back on stage as they performed a song together, Ish stated this was one of his favorite verses he ever recorded. You could feel the energy in the room as the crowd held their phones as Ish held up a shirt during the tribute. He set the tone for sure and had the people ready for Franky. We enjoyed his performance a lot. 

Mir Fontane

Mir Fontane has been in many conversations and he is constantly in conversation with one of the best of the generation. Mir Fontane has paved a way for every Camden artist on their way to the top and in this show, he showed us why he is in these conversations. His set comprised a lot of hits we all knew and loved. Mir Fontane’s style is so dangerous because he has a song for every mood you're in. Hits from “Bodega” to “Down By The River” are songs that make you remember why you love Mir Fontane. He gave the crowd a show as he always does and brought some special guests along with him. We also saw Mir Pesos in attendance. You can feel the community around the Camden artist as he talked on stage about his career and how it feels the be an entertainer. He enjoys doing shows with his fans because it makes him remember why he does this and preached to the creatives in the room holding onto the purpose behind your art. The crowd felt the heart-felt speech from Mir Fontane. He gave the crowd a surprise treat by performing an unreleased song off his newest project set to drop. Mir Fontane stated the name of the album at the event and we can let you know 2023 expect new Mir Fontane. Mr. Macaroni doing what he does best with everyone in New Jersey standing behind him. 

Photos by @Wesleyandproductions


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