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Dussei Divad - Poetic Luxury 

Written by Cutty

It's the end of the year, and Dussei has dropped the long-anticipated project "Poetic Luxury." Dussei has been mentioning this body of work for a couple months now, making people anticipate when it was going to drop. In early December, Dussei put the release date out, and now we were waiting for it to drop. Officially out now, Poetic Luxury is exactly what we wanted out of Dussei before the year was up. Dropping two videos this year, this is what we needed to see where Dussei's music career was going next. I'm happy to say he delivered what he wanted to show the world. Poetic Luxury is a solid body of work and prepares us for a good way to go into 2023. With features including Suburban BabyKG Picasso, and more, you can find a slow song you like or maybe something for the club. Here is our review of the album.

Dussei divad

The album started off with the track "Level Up," which gave us a good impression of what we were in for. The song has a mainstream feel to it, and it sounds familiar to artist Future. If you are into that, then Dussei's music will become another favorite for you. The song itself is a good buildup for the album; it's giving a message to that special someone out there. You can definitely put this on when you're looking to set the mood. The song afterward follows up with "Around Me," as it's another song you can play with your lady. He talks about having the girl be patient with him and accept him as an up-and-coming artist. The battle of having love and building a music career We also got to hear the first suburban baby feature on the track "No Ritual" early in the tape. Seeing the R&B side of Suburban Baby. Dussei and Suburban take the ladies on a rollercoaster with this track. This was a collab we waited a long time to hear, so to get a taste of the R&B sound of them both was unique and sent chills down your back.

suburban baby Dussei divad

We also got a chance to check out the fan favorite "Loot," featuring KG Picasso. The chorus of this song is very catchy and warm. We can see why it's a fan favorite on the project so far. If you like to dance, this will get you out of your seat for sure; it has an amazing bop, and KG did a great job on the chorus. This song can be played in the club, for sure. Another song that caught my attention was "Paradise." It's a good top-down song. You're driving down Beverly Hills and you're riding with the top down; this is the song to play. The vibes will have you feeling like you're floating through the air, which is a strong favorite for us. We could see this song being used in a movie.  

Dussei divad

The rest of the album was solid; the song "Puerto Rico" featuring Scrill Peezy is our Jersey Watch choice. We think this is the song of the album; it's a great song; it can be played in clubs; you can play it in traffic. This is a good overall song that we would advise you guys to listen to. It definitely had us in high spirits. We got to see a trap version of Suburban Baby and Dussei in the song "Percocet," a good rockstar version of what you heard earlier in the album. giving you something to bop your head to. Overall, this is a good project with some dope songs on it that we think you should check out. If you're a new fan of Dussei, this is a good place to start. We are excited to see what we get in 2023. 

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