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Farewell To 2022 Event Recap

Written by Cutty 

It's been a long run for Neon Jungle, and they ended the year with a bang. Neon Jungle has been hosting house events all year near Temple University. It's an intimate space where creatives can come together and experience live music together. Bands from all over the tristate come to the event to showcase their talent for the Neon Jungle supporters. Jersey Watch's own Wes gives us an exclusive on their last event of the year. Bringing bands together from New Jersey and Pennsylvania, this show was something special for first-timers and veterans in the game. It was also a great night for the night's three bands. Save The Cat Touring helped put the show together with the Neon Jungle crew for the final show of the year. It was clear at the end of the night; it may be the end of the year, but it was only the beginning of what was to come.

fire house band

The talent was all over the place all night. The openers of the night, Bellevue, set the tone of the show for sure. They are newer to performing, but you can tell they have a legacy ahead of them. Performing music off of their last EP, "Thanks For Nothing," the people fell in love seeing them perform. You could feel the energy in the room as they rocked out on stage, gaining some new fans for sure. They have an early 2000s sound that is familiar to the temple area; they were just one piece of the puzzle of this legendary night. 

crowded house

We always love to hear about Jersey people expanding their network. The band Screenager came from New Jersey to perform at the show. They impressed the crowd a lot with their setup, and they paid very close attention to their performance of the night for sure. You could hear the beautiful sounds they were making from the street. They forced you to come downstairs to watch the show. It's always amazing to come across bands like this because we know they are stars destined for greatness. The band also complimented the show, saying, "This was one of the best shows we've been to in a while."

family band

The night of surprises didn't just stop there. The main act of the night, Latchkey Kids, came ready to shut the stage down with surprises all night. The band is accompanied by Cyle Morris on drums, Hanny Ramandam as the lead singer, Joseph Grzybowski on bass, and Mihir Rastaogi on guitar. They gave the crowd a show, performing music from their new debut album, "The Week You Ran Away," which gave great energy all throughout the room. They surprised the crowd by bringing out Dana Ramandam, the sister of lead singer Hanny Ramandam, who flew out from California for the show. With this being their debut album, this was the first time the two performed live together on stage, giving the show a first taste of what's to come in the future. They had the people dancing and raging all night. They also stated before leaving, "We loved our time here; we can't wait to come back." While doing a lot of major shows on the road, they loved the intimate feel of the Neon Jungle. At the end of the night, everyone left happy and ready for the next show coming this Saturday. 

Photos by - @wesleyandproductions



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