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Crowfest 22

Written by Cutty

The Crowfest 22 held at Dubai Nightclub in Camden, NJ, was a celebration of La'Niyah, whose birthday was 12/17. It was a night filled with love, for sure. Real Squad 215 and Vellcrow brought out some of the best in the city. With appearances from OT the Real, Quilly, Mari Pretty, Eness, and Rekbanga, the stars of the night came well prepared for the show. The openers came ready too, with appearances from Da Renegades, Ace Da Khemist, Project Sinny, Lil Bov, and more. The music was rolling all night, and people really enjoyed it. Vellcrow also had exclusive merchandise for sale for his newest project, "Rap Rockstar." There were plenty of special guests in the building also, including appearances from Glocawear Radio, Members Only, Talking My Shit Podcast, the CME Morning Show, and more, who came out to support the event. It was an amazing night for Philly and Jersey to show their unity and support for Vellcrow and La’Niyah. Vellcrow’s mother was also in attendance, standing by her son and supporting him all the way.

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The night started with some openers who shocked the room early to let everyone know it was going to be a good night. Tbzey and Stacks set the stage on fire early, getting the crowd hyped up and off their feet. Their music had everyone listening, and for this to be the first couple of people we knew tonight was special. While the guys were holding it down, the ladies came in as the underdogs of the event. Nobody saw what was going to happen next. Female artists like Lil Bov and Project Sinny, while looking great, were also putting on a show. The ladies completely took over the show as confidence was high, the bars were on point, and they came ready to turn up with the big boys. Every female performer who hit the stage had us wanting more and more. It was clear that the guys weren’t the only ones with talent in the building. The ladies came ready to show off, and that they did. Performers like Jordan Ramsey did bring the heat back, having one of the most unique face paintings of the night. He gave the crowd a lot of his energy, and in return, they gave back theirs.

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While the openers started the event, the stars who came were ready to show off their best stuff. With OT the Real starting everything off, he made sure to set the stage for everyone else after him. You could hear him freestyling from outside, and you ran in to hear who was on stage. His stage presence and lyrics set the bar for the stars of Crowfest. You can’t have a Philly event and mention stars without bringing one of the hardest working stars in Philly, which is Eness. We were able to hear his new single from his newest project as he performed the song "Blicky," and the crowd went crazy. The song has been catching major traction over the past couple of weeks. He ended his set by bringing on Ace Da Khemist. There were some dope performers in the house all night, but we were all waiting for the queen herself, Mari Pretty. She also performed her hit single playing on 105.1, "Rich Nigga." The women loved her set, as you can see girls jumping on stage and dancing with her. We got to see another side of Quilly as well; you can call it the rockstar side. We saw Quilly stage dive into the crowd and could tell he had a good time. Quilly ended the night of stars by showing the room one thing. Quilly loves to rap, and that’s one thing he can do for sure. He gave us some freestyles, some new music, and some hits we all knew and loved. It was good seeing him smile around the room, really enjoying himself.

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While everyone came and did their thing, we have to talk about the most important performer of the night. Vellcrow himself, who put everything together, Starting his set, he had everyone pull their phones out and put their "L"s up in celebration of his daughter. Vellcrow performed his song "Rap Rockstar" with Quilly. This was the first time ever; he said he wanted to save it for a good time, and this was the best. He also performed a tribute song to his daughter. It was a good moment to notice how many people were truly around Vellcrow who could feel those words. It wouldn't be a vellcrow show unless he tried to jump off the stage, right? Well, he did it not once, but twice. While jumping off stage, he also made his own mosh pit, which the people loved. Overall, he gave us a legendary performance in memory of his daughter, and I know she is thankful for every second. She was there with us in spirit, for sure. It was an amazing night, and a good night for Vellcrow to see that this job is far from over.

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