Threat Digga has returned, is there more?


Threat Digga back with a new freestyle

Threat Digga has been off the scene for quite some years now, but we have now waited long enough. Threat Digga left us in 2020, just dropping some new heat with his project "The Dungeon Deluxe" and we were ready for what was next. Skip forward to 2022, we got what we were waiting for, some new music. In his return, he drops a freestyle to the music icon Russ's track "Bucket Hat Low". We get reminded of what we loved Threat Digga for. 

The song is another versatile freestyle that reminds us why we love hip-hop. You hear the bars which are what Threat Digga's best ability is in his music. His lines make you consistently make you want to run the track back and hear what he said. Even in the beginning, he responds to the people who were asking where he has been at. One thing we can guarantee is that he is going to show off his rap skills when he gets the opportunity. The song itself is another classic that is a great warm-up for the new project. 

The question is will there be another project coming? We hear rumors that July is the month of Threat Digga's next project. So for now we have this to listen to and get excited for what's to come. How do you feel about his return? Are you ready for more Threat Digga?

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Threat Digga "Bucket Hat Low" Freestyle 


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