Past Curfew Recap | 03.18.22 in new location Downtown LA

Past Curfew Friday's in DTLA

Past Curfew Friday's was last night and it was at a new location. It was hosted downtown LA and it was a night to remember as always. The event was put together by Tequila's After Midnight whose mission is to keep the party going in a fun way, opening up a platform for indie artists partnering up with Dex. Every Friday you can see who's going to be there and what's going to be going on. Every time is going to be a fun time if you're looking for something to do after midnight. The DJ of the night was DJ Ratch3t who had the place rocking all night. 

We came for the indie artist and it was alot of dope ones in the building. The picture above is of music artist Chloe Coyote who performed. Coming in with the stylish looks she set the room's vibe for sure. To start the show off we got to hear from a LA native Kahmone, her energy set the tone for all the other performers. From going into the crowd, to having good music she set the tone for sure. Bringing a feature Yaro they did their song "First Day in LA" it was a crowd pleaser. We also got to see someone from Baton Rouge perform his name was Mall3x. His music gave us that trap feel that we all love. 

There were more artists that we didn't get to see perform but it was entertainment all the way until 5am. Artist Connext representative Yung Dutchie was there connecting with all of the artists in the building. It was a night to be there for, if you want to make it to the next one make sure to connect in with Tequilas After Midnight on Instagram or Dex on Instagram. Footage recap from Photopluq coming soon.



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