Jersey Watch Exclusive : Mistr Roundtree's "Proverbs" video release party


Mistr Roundtree's "Proverbs" video release party

Written by Amirah Kane-Waheed 

Jersey Watch exclusively covered Mistr Roundtree's video release party. Roundtree released the video for his recently collaborated song Proverbs with Mstr Mitch. According to the artists in the building, it was a night of celebrating dope music and Mistr Roundtree's musical journey. In addition to Mstr Mitch, O$ei, Tyler Valentino, Mariss, Deige, J. Trilla, and others, several artists came to support the artist. This event was held at Obie Studios in Philadelphia, P.A., and was a night for networking and art viewing. Amirah, one of our writers, attended the event and shared her perspective on the video.  

“As we watched the Proverbs videos, we felt a deep sense of emotion. The video starts with him entering the studio and receiving a phone call. He abruptly ends the call because the conversation seems to be causing some stress. He then begins to work in the studio. Following this, a series of shots appear on the screen. These show him working in the studio, celebrating on the roof of a building, and finally at the feet of a mysterious woman. He is then surrounded by two women, one on each side of him. One of the women is sitting on the couch as the video continues. She appears upset. Roundtree walks in and realizes she is upset and reluctantly sits down next to her. A bible falls from the sky and lands in the hand of Roundtree, and flashes of the Holy Bible appear. Seeing Roundtree seated between the two women, the next scene flashes through shots and zooms in dramatically. His initial interest was with one woman, while the other's true role is unknown. There could be a love triangle between the three of them. I find it interesting that they are in a neon white box. Possibly, the box represents the marginalization he has faced within the industry. There is no expression on his face as he raps. His eyes are the most captivating part of this scene. They are a painful and numb portal to his soul. It's a soul-crushing experience. As she begins to question the whereabouts of the artists, a dispute between the initial love interest and him becomes increasingly toxic. He is known to have worked hard in the studio, but the insinuation persists that the unknown woman being shown periodically may be entertaining him. He is kicked out of the house after a heated argument with his girlfriend. It is chilling to watch her emotions. The scene had a real sense of reality to me because of her portrayal of the character. I found it very realistic. The scripture Proverbs 15:22 appears at the end. In the next scene, Roundtree is seen reflecting on a rooftop and rejoicing inside. We see endless flashes of him in the studio and then behind-the-scenes footage of him celebrating his career. In this video, he uses a dramatic approach similar to his Been a While video. I was taken on a deep emotional journey. I haven't felt this way about a project since the early 2000s." [Amirah]

AMIRAH: Hello Rountree, we meet again. I really had a good time at your video release party. How are your emotions on how the event turned out? 

MISTR ROUNDTREE: Hey Amirah, my excitement was overwhelming when I showed everyone the video. After working so hard on it, I was looking forward to it that night. It's equally gratifying when you put in significant work and get a reward. It was a fantastic atmosphere. I wasn't sure who would show up. The opportunity to showcase some of my earlier projects was very humbling. It's beautiful that those moments of my career were captured on film, so I can look back at them and share them with like-minded artists in the future. The experience was inspiring for other present artists and me. You cannot satisfy your artistic curiosity by not doing your work. The gift you offer the world is your art. Giving is your purpose, and you will be miserable if you don't do it. By doing what I am passionate about, I feel like I am doing my job."

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Mistr Rountree & Mistr Mitch - Proverbs 


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