Philly's hottest new artist? Meet O$EI


Let us introduce you to Philly's hottest new artist 


Let us introduce O$EI, a Philadelphia artist who puts a unique spin on hip-hop. It is his first time on our platform; however, he has continuous listener streams on Spotify. Although his music is melodic and youthful, he writes about dark pain and an addiction to success. His music is a trifle montage featuring emo-punk, alternative rock, and hip-hop elements. Although he is among the most prominent rappers, his new sound has yet to be explored by them. Danger & Tito's and Lost are examples of his strength as an artist and place him at the top of his field. 

     Danger & Tito's is reminiscent of cruising down South Street on a summer night. The song has an underground feel but remains true to its spirit. Though the beat is simple, it works well with the song's vibe. The execution of his wordplay on this track is erratic, as the piece seems simplistic. Nevertheless, it demonstrates his ability as a rapper. He can still take over a room with his vibe and creative bars. In this millennium era, O$EI is the new leader of the Philadelphia backpack kids.

In one of our favorite tracks, he warns his musical peers in Lost that they wouldn't be able to handle the full effects of his musical abilities. He knows his flow is unique as he tells the industry, but his plan to win in the rap game is verified and stamped. He realizes he's playing a game with marginalized artists who are comfortable and aren't enough to compete with him. Having discovered that people underestimate his abilities, he lets his doubters know that there is a front seat to watch him as he teaches a lesson on hip-hop. Altogether, his fans and new supporters have been enthusiastic about his music. As his career grows, we will support O$EI and look forward to what he does in the future.

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