Almost two decades in, King Shinobe still rises to the top


King Shinobe is here to show off his crown

Jersey Watch exclusively covered King Shinobe’s new project Crown release party. Shinobe performed his album in its entirety and featured artists. For the artists in the building, it was a once-in-a-blue-moon experience. Several performers showed up. Members Only Studio in Philadelphia hosted the event. For those curious about what SJ has been up to for the summer, it was an unforgettable experience. 

Blizz Automatik, who performed his single Goals, began the event with a spirited, soul-shocking performance. This performance set the standard for the night. The music was going to be excellent throughout the evening. Shinobe began his set with the first three tracks of his album and gave an electrifying performance. His performance with Daveed Ramsay was one of the highlights of his first set. Big Mad, which appears on the album, was one of the highlights. The crowd was very appreciative of this song. Together, the two turned the vibes up to where they needed to be and left the crowd wanting more. Then King Shinobe performed three more tracks, one of which was his fans' favorite, Body Bag. Body Bag instantly enthralled everyone. The song has become an anthem in celebration of the artist's recent success. From the crowd, he felt the love pouring forth. Shinobe, KMD Flash, and Fre$ko also performed “2 Much”.

We were particularly impressed by the performance of young artist Deezy Martians from Sicklerville, New Jersey, who performed YBMK from his recently released album Marzaveli. The crowd erupted, and the second half of the party began. We spoke with King Shinobe about the night of excellence.

AMIRAH: I was privileged to attend the release party for your album "Crown.” This evening was packed with dope artists from South Jersey. Your performance and the performances of your guests were out of this world dope. Your supporters appreciated the energy you displayed during the show. You stood out as an artist who is comfortable in his lane with your expressed unity. Some would say that is a rare occurrence, but somehow you managed it. How was the night for you? 


KING SHINOBE: As I soaked up the experience, I was in awe. The other artists gave an excellent show while having a good time. Like MTV Unplugged, it was very intimate and chilled. I had a good time with my fans, and celebrating the album was a success. My energy was at its peak, and although I sweated so much, I could probably do it all over again. 


AK: You certainly set the bar high with the energy you displayed. Thanks for giving us your all.  

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