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King Shinobe - Body Bag 

We have some new music for you coming into 2022, King Shinobe is back with his debut single of the year "Body Bag" which has been described as an upbeat and dark song, he sends a message to the music industry with this single. King Shinobe has been seen previewing the song at "Member's Only" in Philadelphia before releasing it. He has seen nothing but good feedback from the song and knew it was the song to start the year with. People love the feeling they get from the song it's a story of coming from the city of Camden and getting above it all.  The hustlers also love the song too, it's something they could play when they moving around. 

King Shinobe performing at Members Only

We feel like the song is a true message to his haters. King Shinobe has been working for a long time, and he is here to show us this new year that he is ready for anyone coming his way. He has been underrated so far and this year the conversation will have to begin. He lets artists know that if he isn't in your Top 5, it's time to add him in there. The sample he uses at the beginning of the song sets off the temp for the song. "This shit for my ni**as in the trenches, like a gravedigger. I get to the money every day, Sallie Mae." Is one bar we could use that would describe the song in its purest form. 

We are excited to see what else King Shinobe has up his sleeve for 2022. So far the people are loving the new single, so three weeks into January he is already off to a good start. His album will be hitting our blog as we have the official release date which is February 20th so make sure to come back and hear that next. For now, we get to enjoy this single and imagine what else is in store for 2022. Make sure to follow King Shinobe for all future performance updates on where he will be next.


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