Music Premiere: Seaside Wavy - I Go The Hardest


seaside wavy I go the hardest album

Seaside Wavy - I Go The Hardest

Seaside Wavy is back officially, it's been 6 years since we got a full project from Seaside. I think everything happens in perfect timing as this project is a pure statement of his growth in his music. If you have heard any of his other music before it sounds nothing like what is on this project right here. What we have here is a 5 track EP that doesn't disappoint. It has a mixture of songs on there but mainly what you hear is the improvement in the flow Seaside already had. You can tell over the years he has taken everything in and did it right the first time for this project. From his lyrics to his engineering, everything is a big step forward from where he was. 

seaside wavy

The project starts out with Altima and Black El Camino. Seaside previewed this single sometime before the album came on out on 'Where Im From" and the fans were excited to see what he had to put on the album. These songs start the album off perfect as you get a fresh taste of his improved sound and rapping ability. Both songs have a nice rap flow to them and can be played back to back. He did an amazing job starting the project out with these two songs. If you were a fan before you will love to hear his growth from where he came from to now. 

seaside wavy

The project only came with one feature on there which was from "That Weird Kid" on the song "Yama Bounce". The song itself reminds of us a rock song, it would be more for the crowd who enjoys that kind of music. Ending out the project with "Better off dead" he gives you one last taste of what he is going to be giving us in 2022. The song itself is another good bop song with insane rapping ability from Seaside himself. Overall the project is solid, you will be proud of his growth and where he is now. We are excited to see what he brings to us in 2022. Which music video would you want to see off of the project?

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