Yes it's my birthday 3 - 999 Candles (Lil Mop Top) officially out now!


Yes it's my birthday 3 - 999 Candles

Lil Mop Top is back at again with another installment to his birthday collection. Yes it's my birthday 3, he has consistently for the past three years dropped a project on his birthday (January 14th). This year it was no different and we have to say this has to be the best one yet. Lil Mop Top was hinting for some time he was doing a farewell album for his fans as he would spend more time working on his movies and podcast. 
He didn't want to leave his fans high and dry though he made sure to drop a fully loaded project
for them to enjoy until the next time they get some new music. 

This project comes with a lot of surprises, we heard some features and some new songs we haven't heard out of Lil Mop Top recently. The song MichaelMichaelMichael was the first surprise bomb on the project. This song is more a singing song from Lil Mop Top but it's something you might like. The song is definitely something to play at a party though, it will get people jumping. The song that impressed us the most is Sugafoot it shows a good rapping side of Lil Mop Top along with a nice sample. It's a song you will want to play twice, we suggest that for sure. 

It's so many songs we can go on about, but we want to highlight some special features that caught us as we were listening. In the song, IYKNYK we see two features from "Frenchie" & "Trev Mulah" who compliment Lil Moptop. The song with those three on it gives the whole album a feel that you want to keep listening to. It was another notable feature that made the album we see "Kidd Earl" we see he made the song "Fire Warning". Kidd Earl has been making a lot of moves since being home its good to see him and Lil Mop Top on a song to start out 2022. Their song together is something that will also be played back twice.

We gave you everything you need to know something, now it's time for you to take a listen for yourself. Make sure to wish Lil Mop Top a happy birthday! 

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Yes It's My Birthday 3 - 999 Candles (Apple Music)


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