Back like he never left "Eemontaga" is back on the scene


He's back "Eemontaga" 

The story of Eemontaga is very interesting, just recently he was incarcerated for 4 years. This may have pushed him back on the streets, but it didn't slow down his creativity while being locked up, he said he was preparing for the day he was going to be released so he could show the world his musical talent. He has been around for years since the DVD days, being around influences like Reed Dollaz, and Meek Millz. He said Jail was something that held him back but in 2022 he wants it to be different. 

After being released from prison, he dropped a music video that hit 17K all organic views. This song "Number Games" is the first released single off of his upcoming project that is coming out called "Never Going Back". This was his first single since being back from a 4-year sentence. It is a good rap song talking about him coming back to the music industry and letting the world know he is back. 

While the streets were loving this single, Eemontaga started this hype with his first freestyle home. He called it the super gremlin and it brought everyone back to what he was giving out before he went to jail. Everyone was waiting for something after hearing his fresh home freestyle, which lead Eemontaga to drop the single "Number Games" and start the process of the upcoming project "Never Going Back". Hear his first single back below and let us know what you think. 

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"Number Games" - Official Music Video 


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