Studio View 20K Winner - Dejuan Whaley (Watch his newest video "Small Talk")


Studio View Giveaway - 20K streams

Studio View is a new app being created that will allow musicians to book studio time anywhere in the country directly from their phone. The app itself has been said to be revolutionary to the music industry. As no expectations have not been set, everyone has been very excited with over 100 people signed up to get early access to it. This app has been called on by many artists, as we spoke with different artist about the idea. We got a lot of different feedback but overall everyone said Studio View will be a good change in the culture especially during these times we are living in. Artist being able to book studio time anywhere in the country directly from their phone will save them a lot of time when they are traveling, or if their current studio is closed down. In celebration, the small startup decided to do a 20K stream giveaway for one lucky artist. 

Dejuan Whaley south jersey tk

It was many people who showed interest, and a lot of artists were interested in getting a free 20K Spotify streams or Youtube view promotion package. The winner of this competition though is Dejuan Whaley. An artist out of NJ, he is starting the new year off right with a new video featuring Southjersey TK called "Small Talk". Video shot by Poozie.

Dejuan Whaley

Dejuan Whaley already has three music videos scheduled for 2022. So this is just a preview of what he is going to be giving to us this year. You can see his focus on his craft is starting to pay off, so if your not a fan yet then watch the music video below and become one. 

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Small Talk (Official Music Video)


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