Camden's favorite is back - Ablocc Henroc


Ablocc's third album
Quarter 2 Three

Written by - Amirah Kane-Waheed 

We would like to introduce Ablocc Henroc, one of Camden, New Jersey’s reigning champions of hip-hop. He’s new to our platform however, he has been grinding and refining his work since his 2017 return. Now, Ablocc is blazing through the hood with his latest project “Quarter 2 Three”. This 8-track album is laced with tales of celebratory success, loyalty for his crew, and the continuous hustle to put his city on top. This album has been intensely anticipated by his fans and certainly gives us a gaping view of what’s yet to come from Ablocc Henroc in 2022. Check it out and you can guarantee he’ll have at least 4 bangers that will keep you glued on his future work to come.

  "Quarter 2 Three" is an eclectic story of dedication, loyalty, and achieving success. Ablocc Henroc provides countless hood anthems with this project, which will appeal to all listeners regardless of their background. Da Guys, the debut single from the album, has generated quite a bit of popularity among his listeners. He created this song as a tribute to the fallen and standing soldiers who have shaped his career and made him who he is today. 

This piece has a great flow, and they emphasize his loyalty to his supporters. One of his other guaranteed bangers is entitled "Where You Been At," in which he features fellow Camden rapper Dae$hore. There is a light and hip-pop-like feel to the track [crossbreed of hip-hop and pop]. As the mid-point of the album, this song is a smooth usher into the second half. Overall, this project has been enthusiastically received by his fans and new supporters. We will continue to follow his growth and support his future work.

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