Dame Dash Hits WCMD Media (Exclusive Interviews)

Dame Dash Hits WCMD

Written by Cutty 

You From Philly 

You From Philly is a new comedian who talks about his come up on the scene and also speaks on how he is about to release some new content for people to see. In this interview, he tells us what he learned from Dame Dash coming to WCMD and how he will use it for his own personal journey to becoming the world's best comedian. Watch this exclusive interview below.


Michael Ways 

Michael Ways is a man of change, as he has changed many people's lives in Camden. It was a refresher for him to get some gems dropped on him by the great Dame Dash. He works very closely with WCMD and is proud to see where it is today. He discusses the opportunities they provide for the Camden community, as well as the ones they are creating. He also goes into talking about how he plans on making a change in Camden and New Jersey. Watch this exclusive interview below. 


Sheron Barber 

Sheron Barber is a fashion genius who is a native of Camden, New Jersey. He came alongside Dame Dash to WCMD to talk with the community about how his journey was started. He speaks about how he had to go out of the country to continue his business and all of the lessons he learned in that experience. He also gives some tips to fashion designers who are looking to elevate their careers. Watch this exclusive interview below.


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