New Music Premiere: I Am Yondo "Peace Of Mind" Music Video

I Am Yondo 
"Peace Of Mind"

Written by Cutty 

I Am Yondo is a Philadelphia artist who has been on the rise for years now. His humble beginnings are what has propelled him to where he is today, as he works his way up the music industry. I Am Yondo has been working more on his craft, recently performing in Beverly Hills, CA. He told his fans he was going to drop way more music in 2023 when he got back from California. He hasn’t forgotten what he said as he drops his 2023 debut video, "Peace Of Mind". People anticipated the track because I Am Yondo was seen on social media previewing it for people to listen to. This is a different side of I Am Yondo, expressing his personal side in certain situations. The wait is over because it is finally here. This is the first installment of what we anticipate will be a long year of music for I Am Yondo. With the pace we are seeing, we can imagine there are 2 or 3 more music videos on reserve, so fans, if you enjoyed this, you're in for more. We wanted to give you our perspective on the video.

The video "Peace Of Mind" is, we feel, a personal expression from I Am Yondo. This track being produced by Dollaz Rage, I Am Yondo is taking you on his life journey for the past year, during which he has been dealing with real-life situations. We all get to a stage where people expect something out of us, which can drive us to a dark place depending on how our life is going. I Am Yondo answers the question, "Where have you been?" in the song. I Am Yondo informs his fans that he has been working through life situations that have clouded him and that he is now ready to speak about them. It's great to see him back on the scene making music. We can all feel that sometimes, as creatives, the big dreams we have don't always kick off as fast as we pictured, but we still believe we will hit the finish line. While you are on this journey, peace of mind is important because your mind is the most powerful tool you have. So as creatives, it’s important for us to have as much as possible. It's a song that every creative can relate to; it's a must-listen if you can relate. 

If you haven’t heard of I Am Yondo, now is the perfect time to get acquainted with him. We anticipate new music dropping all year, and if this is your first listen, you will be excited for what’s next. ‘Peace Of Mind" was the single we needed to hear from I Am Yondo. He's been seen performing around town, so make sure to follow him on Instagram to stay up to date on his next appearance. He is also on all streaming platforms, so you can catch up on his previous singles. This is only the beginning of what’s to come; you can expect more heat from I Am Yondo in 2023.

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"Peace Of Mind" Music Video 


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