Dame Dash Spends A Day In Camden With WCMD

Dame Dash at WCMD

Written by Cutty 

Camden was in for a treat as Dame Dash came through and spread multiple gems to the community while also sitting down with some of the most powerful in the city and bringing his own talent alongside him like Sheron Barber, who is a native of Camden. Dame Dash spent the day in Camden, showing up on multiple platforms at WCMD like The Wake Up Show with IMD and The Anthony Ways Show. He also made sure to make time to connect with some people who ran with him back in the day, like Philadelphia Freeway. He made sure to show love to Philadelphia Freeway during his interview with Anthony Ways, speaking on how powerful a person he is and just how inspiring his path is. We were able to sit in on his interview at The Anthony Ways Show, and we wanted to give you some exclusives from the interview. The interview itself felt powerful, as many Camden leaders were present to hear the words of the great Dame Dash. You could tell the great ones knew where to be, and they were ready to advance their business.

Dame Dash came ready to give out gems as he sat down with Anthony Ways, on his show. He brought Camden designer Sheron Barber with him to talk about his journey. Sheron Barber is a Camden native and talks about the difficulty he went through to get to where he is. Being a high-end leather designer, Sheron was forced to go to Turkey and do his manufacturing due to the united states being limited. Along his journey, he has now transitioned to wanting to put a manufactory plant right in Camden. NJ. He speaks on how much value it would bring the Camden community, bringing in more jobs and more curb appeal to the city. 'We can make Camden just like Hollywood, It takes us putting back into our city". He stated as he went on to talk about the amount of support he always received from his city and how he wants to give back to the community to give the youth a different option in life. His story touched a lot of the Camden leaders in the building who are also looking to grow their businesses inside of Camden to bring more into the city. 

When Dame Dash spoke in the room, you could hear a penny drop. Dame Dash spoke on a lot of topics, about which you could tell a lot of people had questions. He first spoke about meeting with the mayor of the city to talk about advancing the city to bring more to the residents. He spoke on issues like creating more homeowners in the city and creating more black businesses, and how these factors would help make Camden the mecca it deserves to be. He goes on to speak about how it's up to us as a community to start making a change if we want to see a change. He said if we owned more, we would be able to control the narrative more; we can control what the world sees inside our neighborhoods. This was very powerful, as there were many business owners in the room for whom you could tell that message instantly clicked. He asked the crowd a very important question: "What does your heaven look like?" As the whole room went into thought, he went into saying, "What's your selfish dream, the dream that will complete you?" As he went on to say, sometimes we fail to put ourselves first, and that can be the reason why people don't put us first. You have to know what you do your passion for, what do you want it to bring just you? Because if you don't get your dream fulfilled, you can't fulfill someone else's. At that moment, it hit everyone like a switch: finding your own self-value for the work that you do. He also took questions from the crowd and gave them all gems on how to get to the next level in their businesses. This episode will be out on The Anthony Ways Show, where you can hear about all of this and more.

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