When An Opportunity Comes, Run With It


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The Season of Opportunities 

Written by Cutty 

The music industry is a great place for creatives, artists, and people who envision changing the world. Some people come into the music industry with nothing and leave with millions. Others come in and leave with nothing. The good thing about the music industry is once you build up your name. Opportunities will knock on your door; you must run with them. You never know where it will lead you. We learn daily that things do not happen twice, so if you're in your moment or just starting, embrace that, and when an opportunity comes your way, seize it. Make sure to run with it, so you can learn from experience and create your bigger picture. If you don’t have failures or things to learn from, how will you ever grow? Go after what’s right in front of you. It can possibly take you to heights of which you have never dreamed. We know the entrepreneurial route is a long one anyway, so why not see what opportunities it will bring to your life.

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What’s the best way to make sure I’m not missing my future opportunities? Start saying yes to things. If someone invites you out, go check them out. If you get a chance to do that thing you've been silently working on in private in public, do it. You never know who could be watching, we have seen in life how people's lives have been changed by one moment. That’s all you need, and that’s all you need in a job, that one moment to start making everyone look at you so you can get that promotion. As an artist, you're waiting for the moment the world hears that hit single you have. The list goes on for every profession where one moment makes the turn in their career. These moments come from opportunities, so start to see the ones ahead of you and see where they take you. Even if it’s an opportunity to help a friend move some furniture, it may seem small, but take the opportunity. You can learn a lot from people; their experiences can help you alone.

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What do you feel like you're holding back on? Once you identify it, just work on making changes to it. Opportunities come to us all; some are small, and some are big. They will all make us more of who we want to be. You get closer to your dreams when you're happy, so take a chance at happiness and seize the opportunity. Once you take it, be blind to expectations and go into it wanting to learn and get better. Every opportunity brings a chance at that, giving you a shot at bringing you closer to your goals, making you a better person, and giving you an opportunity for something different. We are creatives, so creating content is an everyday thing for us. Start seeing the opportunities ahead so you can be who you want to be. We are the vessel for the work we produce, so we can go as high as we want to go. It will take going together and taking advantage of your opportunities.

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