It Was A Moshpit Fest At Neon Jungle

Moshpit Fest at Neon Jungle

Written by Cutty

It was the first metal show at Neon Jungle and it was a night indeed. We had three spectacular bands and a solo performance come through. It was great to see everyone all together. The live entertainment was Raven, The Martyr, Empty Vessel, and our headliner of the night, Snake Charmer. It’s also dope to see new merchandise come into Neon Jungle. The Martyr came in with hoodies and shirts along with some wristbands, while the Snake Charmer had dope unique shirts, dope drawings, and even more. It’s great to see the creativity both bands put into their merchandise. It also was the night of the stars, as people from all over came out to support the show. Jeb, a social media influencer, also made a special guest appearance to show support for the bands. You never know who will be at these shows, so make sure you're at the next one.

To start the night, we got to hear the talents of Raven. He started the night solo and attracted the crowd. Being a soloist on a band night can be much pressure, which Raven took on and accomplished the goal. The people were giving Raven his flowers as he got off, letting him know they enjoyed his performance. It was dope to see a solo performance; we haven’t seen that since joining Neon Jungle. The next band of the night stuck out to us a lot; The Martyr had an amazing sound. This band had experience; you could hear how much practice they'd put in. "They played metal music, but their hearts were light." - Wes. Their songs sound amazing, and they really rock the crowd. They were all very connected, and we loved to see what they brought to the night. They also performed some songs that they have released on all streaming platforms, to which the crowd responded; you could see them pulling out their phones. Overall, it was a great kickoff to the show, and we were excited to see what was next.

We had some first timers in Philly and Neon Jungle who was Empty Vessel. They came all the way from Newark, NJ. They brought and maintained the energy of the night! Coming from North Jersey, it was cool to see what they brought to the Philly scene. This is when the Moshpit fest began; their energy bounced all around the room, getting people ready to start raging. The Philly crowd took everything in and gave it right back. They were loving the set, making Moshpit after Moshpit it was a rockstar dreamland. Their music sounded great, and their performance sparked a lot of good energy in the room. It was good to see them live, and for their first time, they made it very memorable. We are excited to see if they are coming back.

The headliner of the night was Snake Charmer, we loved the merchandise they had on display. The colors were vibrant, and the unique photos were captivating as soon as you walked up to their table. Their performance was very energetic, they had the Moshpit fest continued for sure. People were jumping off of each other, and it was a WWE Royal Rumble at some moments. But in the love of the culture, nobody left out too harmed of the night; everyone really got to enjoy themselves during the Snake Charmers set. It was an amazing way to end the night, bringing people together for the cause of the greater good. For the first metal show at Neon Jungle, bands left with new fans, fans got to be with their favorite new artists, and Neon Jungle keeps growing as the Rockstar Dreamland.

Photos by @wesleyandproductions

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