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Cranky Granny's Sweet Rolls

Written by Cutty

It’s Black History Month, and we want to use this time to show you guys some black-owned businesses around your area! This business's highlighted name is "Cranky Granny’s Sweet Rolls." owned and operated by Sianni Dean, who began her business right here in New Jersey, right outside of her apartment, at age 18. We've seen the company grow from its humble beginnings in New Jersey all the way to Texas, where it quickly became a household name after her arrival. The company name was picked in honor of her grandmother, who is the definition of hard work. Sianni has been putting in her work for years. We have watched this company grow from pop-ups to a storefront. Seen at The Melanin Market in Willingboro, NJ. She would sell out in hours, her sweet rolls are undeniably good. She personally makes them along with help so every sweet roll has its own piece of Sianni love in it. The brand has grown quickly in a 5-year span reaching heights everyone back home is proud of. Cranky Granny’s is a business you should know about if you are into sweet rolls. She has a flavor for everyone to enjoy, even vegan!

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Cranky Granny’s has gone from 3 flavors to over 10+ different flavors. She has just recently added vegan flavors, making her menu more versatile than ever. We also heard about her famous 24-karat sweet roll, sold exclusively in her first store. Her most popular flavors are, first off, her classic sweet roll, which is the OG of the sweet rolls. This is one of her fan favorites, and it started the expansion of other flavors. People would stand in line all day for a box of them. If you get to try one, you won’t be disappointed. Another all-star flavor is the cookies and cream; this is a heavy fan favorite. With the topping of Oreo cookies, this is a treat for all desert lovers. The perfect serving of Oreos and cream will have you ordering more than one at a time. It’s a must-try from her menu if you love cookie toppings. The last flavor we suggest you try is peach cobbler. We had only heard positive things about this one. People go crazy over that warm peach cobbler on that soft bun. It's the perfect amount of peach cobbler; it's not so filling that you can't enjoy the sweet cinnamon roll you came for. It’s a flavor we know will make you fall in love.

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Cranky Granny’s isn’t just the top of the food chain with sweet rolls; they also serve different items on their menu and even have exclusive pop-up items. You can find smoothies, banana pudding, and more flavors of their sweet rolls all on their menu. You also find some small food treats, like buffalo chicken bites. You can definitely have a good desert date by taking a trip to Cranky Granny’s Sweet Rolls. Right now, they are doing pop-ups around Texas until their grand opening on March 25th in Pflugerville, Texas. They have been voted for the best cinnamon rolls every chance they get, so the question is: When will you try out some of these delicious treats? If you're in the Texas area, make sure to contact them to find out where you can get a Cranky Granny Sweet Roll. Make sure to leave a review so we can see how you felt, and it's nothing to show your appreciation if you enjoyed it! 

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