Rising Star Lil Benzy Shows Out With The Stars At Release Party In Philly

MLMP Release Party In Philly

Written by Cutty

The time has officially come; the project MLMP (More Love, More Problems) is officially out now. Lil Benzy is back in 2023 with some new music, and the best way to celebrate was with a release party. Held at Unframed in Philadelphia, Benzy had the place decked out for his guests and friends. From having a runway photo op right in front of the venue to having custom balloons in the venue at every table, Benzy dug deep into his pockets for this release, bringing out heavy hitters like Lilcase215, MC The Rockstar, and Jers. It was great to see everyone together, especially the Aktive Records crew. Benzy played some tracks from past projects, along with songs featuring Mir Fontane. We also got to hear every track off the new project MLMP, and he gave us some exclusive insight before every song. The people loved the outro the most, as the message behind the song touched them. Everyone can relate to it; we all want to be great, and we have the potential, so we can't let anything hold us back. This is a song you should definitely be excited to get to. Overall, the project is very solid, and people enjoyed the first exclusive listen as well as Lil Benzy's live performance. 

The stars came out to show their faces for Lil' Benzy's MLMP release party; there were too many to keep track of, but we were able to catch some of the dope performances. Jersey artist MC The Rockstar gave the crowd some unreleased music for the special occasion. It was a song done on a beat he had produced for the first time. Previewing it for the MLMP crowd, they gave him a warm response. We were also able to see Philly superstar Lilcase215, who has been taking Philly by storm for quite a while. He performed some unreleased music, also saying, "It was a good night; I wanted to give them something special, for everyone who came out." His set showed some of the new Philly bounce as he performed a song that had the ladies in the room moving. We also got to see someone who has been with Lil Benzy since day 1, Jers, who came through to help host with Benzy for old times' sake. He also gave us a performance, which was very energetic! The people loved his energy throughout the night. It was a great compliment to the event.

The man of the hour, Lil Benzy, gave us a legendary performance. As seen by the MLMP shirts all together in the VIP area by the DJ Booth, he had his crew with him in the building. He started the night off by playing some of his already-released tracks for all the fans in the building. One song we enjoyed was the one he did with Mir Fontane on his previous project. They both mix very well together, and to see different sides of Jersey together is beautiful to see. He then got into playing the project for everyone to hear before they downloaded it. The intro of the project is the title "More Love More Problems" which was the first song previewed from the project and built up the anticipation of the project. As we got deeper into the project, more people fell in love with it. The song "Ima Flex" had everyone in the crowd jumping and celebrating. Before you knew it, we were at the end "Silence" which is the outro to the project. This song will have you in tears as it will inspire you to pursue your dreams. The crowd enjoyed this song the most. Overall, the project was loved by everyone who heard it, and people even downloaded it as they walked past the party. We suggest you give it a listen.


The project "More Love More Problems" is officially out and available on all platforms. Make sure to check it out today! What do you think of it?

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