The Evolution of Why Making A Great Music Video Is Important


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Why Great Music Videos Are Important

Written by Cutty 

Music videos have been a thing ever since someone knew how to pick up a camera and edit one. It's a way of painting a picture for your fans and showing them the real story behind the song you are creating. You want to use your moment to make them a lifelong fan. Music videos will always be important because your fans will always play them on YouTube. Youtube is a brand that will never go away, one reason being that it's free to watch your favorite people. So you will always be able to be there, even if you haven't made any new music. A great music video can be viewed for years and never gets old for the person who enjoys the song. If you can attach a purpose to the music video, then that music video will live on even after you are gone. Most people still listen to "Dear Mama" by Tupac; the music video was so impactful that it's still dedicated and shown to mothers all across the world to this day.

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So what makes a great music video? The secret isn't big, but the process must be followed for it to be right. The first thing I would focus on is quality. What kind of quality video are you about to receive? Check out some of the past music videos that person shot. See what your video can potentially look like before shooting with someone. This can save you a lot of time when shopping with videographers; if you can see their past work and it doesn't go with what you're looking to create, you know you must keep searching. Remember, a music video is only being shot once, so you want to make sure you're working with someone who can give you the best quality for your time. Do not be afraid to spend money either; Kanye West paid $33,000 for his "through the wire" music video, which he has made more than triple back. So understand that what you spend is what you can make. If you invest the right amount, it will only come back twice more.

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Quality is the first thing that's needed for a great music video, for sure. We can also talk about how important treatment is. What are you trying to show your fans? What will be the video's impact factor? Why will they show this to someone else? A treatment is a guide for a music video; it tells you what you want to accomplish, how you want it to look, and what the final edit will look like. We've grown so accustomed to run-and-gun music videos that we've forgotten that some of the best music videos of all time received pre-production treatment. Artists should use their creativity and really put time into the music video, write out their scenes, and think of an overall theme, but give their music videos some structure with a treatment. It helps your videographer give you the best music video, and you know your purpose with the video because you can see it. It's something so simple that most people overlook it. Planning your music video can increase the likelihood of creating a great music video. 

These are the two most important aspects of a great music video; mastering these tips will ensure that your next music video is better than the last. It's good for your fanbase to see your growth, so if you haven't started these tips yet, that's okay. Once you do, you'll see that not only your music videos get better, but your fans will love seeing how far you've come. They will always thank you for giving them new favorites. So now I ask, what's your next music video?

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