The Eagles Spirit Guided The Neon Jungle


Birds & Bands Down At Neon Jungle

Written by Cutty 

What do you do when the Eagles play on Saturday? You go to the Neon Jungle! This past Saturday, Neon Jungle hosted their weekly live band show, which had some all-stars like usual. They even had face painting going on during the show to show support for the bands and the team playing that night, the Eagles. People walked around with face paint, and it was a dope experience for the people who came. The night consisted of 4 bands, who all brought their own unique style, which the audience enjoyed. There was a band for everyone there, and people felt appreciative of that. Swansun, Heathmonger, and Spud Mack opened the night, and The Jetty's closed it out. A good night for music and football which gave us an even better Saturday night.

The night started out heavy from the beginning, being playoff weekend, people were ready for Saturday night at Neon Jungle. The Swansun band started the night off right. With their lead singer Alan coming out with the Eagles jersey on, we knew this night was going to be good. They performed a lot of dope songs as the set felt very intimate and the crowd was captured. They performed two singles on all streaming platforms: "Joe’s Advice & Paranoia Stomp." Heathmonger's hit the stage and kept the crowd going after them, and the night really took off. They had their crowd on their feet as they loved their music. From upstairs, you could hear them playing loudly and the crowd yelling. Their energy must have traveled down to the Eagles, as they were leading the game 14-0 at this point.

With all of this energy flying around the room, it was only right to wind down, right? We got that feeling with Spud Mack; this band showed versatility while playing like a rockstar but throwing in some soft vibes to slow the night down. They were the first band we saw with two vocalists, and it was very warming to see and experience that. We could see how it could be handy, as some of the songs definitely needed a woman's touch. The energy was felt throughout the room as people sang along to one of the covers, which had everyone in their feelings singing with joy. They also knew how to speed things back up, as right after the cover they had people back on their feet rocking.

The Jettys were the night's final band, and they had a good stage to perform on after the rest of the bands had left. The Eagles were winning, and people were filled with joy from the music before they were ready to see who would end the night. The Jetty’s was the perfect outro to an amazing event; their music touched your soul and had you very present in the moment you were in. They had the audience rocking back and forth and even ended their set with the famous "fly eagle, fly" chant, stating "we are a pro-eagle band, go Eagles." It was a night to remember. It felt like a community giveback night, and the people there were loyal members of the community who love and support Neon Jungle. It was a great sight to see. They are ready and geared up for next week.


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