Celebrating Your Wins, Actually Makes You More Successful. Here's Why



Take Time To Celebrate!

Written by Cutty 

We have been taught that it's a 24/7 grind until you make it. You have to work hard, work long hours, and make sure you put in your 10,000 hours. What about everything accomplished in that time? You're going to accomplish so many things on your way to your 10,000 hours that you must take a second to sit back and reflect on everything you have done. Look back at what worked for you and what didn't. Take a day where you go over your journey up to that point. Also, if you come across a win before your 10,000th hour, make sure to celebrate it. Don't wait until you are where you want to be to start celebrating; you'll get there faster by celebrating your small wins. You need to know what was a success so you can 10x it. You may miss it if you never take time out to celebrate every now and then. So while you need to be in grind mode, take a step back every couple of weeks to celebrate those small wins that came your way while you were grinding.

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Every step should be celebrated. Once you accomplish something, you can't do it again. So be in the moment; your first 1,000 views will never come back again; it will only be another 1,000 views. Your first placement will never be your first placement anymore. These are little things that are all part of the big picture. You can't get 100,000 streams until you get 1,000, so why shouldn't you celebrate it? Taking time to notice the small achievements makes the whole journey abundant. You will be ready to crack at the next goal because all you see is progression. It's difficult to stay motivated when you're looking at a half-completed picture, but if you look at it as if you've created half of your photo and have one more half to go. You won't put so much pressure on yourself because you know how far you have come. It may seem small, but in the long run, you will achieve your goal faster.

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Everyone is racing to their own finish line; we all have goals bigger than ourselves that we want to accomplish. We don't know when it's going to happen for us; we can only see the history of others who were once in our shoes. While you can learn from someone before you, don't compare your journey to anyone else's; you're meant to be exactly where you are. As long as every day is a progressive one, you will cross your finish line when the time comes. That's what's beautiful about creating art: there's no timeline for when your art should be appreciated or when you should be at the top. It will happen when it's supposed to, so while you're on your course, look at everything you've done. Look at all the lives you've changed, and stay focused on your race. It may not happen on your schedule, but you might be closer to the finish line than you think. So just keep on running your marathon until it's all over.


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