Top 5 Guaranteed Ways To Impress Your Next Live Audience

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Top 5 Guaranteed Ways To Impress Your Next Live Audience

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1. Giveaways

What’s the quickest and easiest way to get any audience to remember you? Give them something for free! It makes for a memorable moment that makes you stand out depending on how much thought you put into it, and you get additional promo for free from anyone who happens to see the item. You might think a keychain, pen, or bottle opener, sounds basic but those things have real life everyday applications and have a high probability of needing to be shared with or borrowed by another person. If you can arrange for an equitable distribution of clothing, that would be even better. Just be sure to attach your band's name and socials to it in some way.

2. Bring a crew

Humans are social creatures. Mob mentality is a very real thing. The energy your supporters bring is only multiplied when they begin to mingle and mesh with others in the audience who may be seeing you for the first time. You will instantly become the most important person in the room, and the chances of gaining new fans will rise when they already see others enjoying your music.

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3. Wardrobe

Presentation is everything. Think of your audience as a blank canvas, and their perception of your brand is based only on what you show them. How important would your image be to you then? The way you dress is how strangers initially judge you. It is in your best interest to make some sort of statement with what you wear. Of course, everybody’s budget is different, and if you can’t go over the top just yet, you can at least have a quirk, a theme, or at the very least dress creatively to help you stand out.

4. Visual Representation

Another way to bring the audience into your realm is with visuals. This can be props, posters, or anything that lets people know who you are. If, for example, someone entered the venue in the middle of your set, a simple banner or poster would tell them everything you wanted them to know. It will begin to stick in their minds, and the more times they see it, the better, as they will associate the memory of your performance now with your brand. Merchandise is a great way to do this and kill two birds with one stone.

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5. Back up plan

Another way to really boost your standing with your audience is to handle adversity with poise and finesse. Have backups and quick fixes for all equipment as well as any performance tracks. There’s nothing more awkward and detrimental to your set than an equipment failure you can’t fix or an issue with your sounds. Google Drive is a great way to keep all your files handy, just in case. It’s also extremely important to be comfortable in front of a crowd, no matter what is going on. The quicker you can befriend the audience, the better your set will go. The last thing you want is an awkward silence or to appear uncomfortable on the microphone while someone has to fix something on the fly. You lose valuable momentum if that happens. You should have a few different ways to interact with your audience during your set, like clapping along, chanting, or telling a solid joke or two. The more creative, the better.

Those are the 5 key tips to guarantee your next live show will be your best one yet.


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