Jus Nice Sneaker Convention (Newark, NJ - Prudential Center)

Jus Nice Sneaker Convention 
Newark, NJ 

Written by Cutty 

    This past weekend we had the pleasure to go check out the Jus Nice Sneaker Convention, which is hosted by Garden State Pusher and thrown by Justin and his team. It's the biggest sneaker convention we've seen being from South Jersey so far. It was breathtaking to see hundreds of resellers, ranging from 13-year-old children to elderly women. The resellers of all kinds came out to show what they had stacked in the closet for sale. We saw so much at the convention itself, from streetwear to rare shoes to sneaker accessories and even PS5's. They had anything and everything you were looking for. It was held at the prudential center in Newark, NJ, which was a significant accomplishment for the first time in six years of the sneaker convention's history. These events have been held heavily in Wildwood and Atlantic City. It was beautiful to see resellers from all across the tristate in attendance doing deals in the middle of the hallway; it was a sneakerhead's dream come true. Nike SBs appeared to be a fan favorite at the event. You could hear people trading and negotiating prices all throughout the event. It was great to see, and we were able to catch a couple of vendors who stuck out to us. 

Now, there were a lot of vendors in the building, over 100+ different vendors, so we didn’t get a chance to speak with everyone, but the brand Soled Out stuck out to us a lot. They had custom NJ dad hats made out of different materials that came with a custom patch. Every patch was focused on some special events that happen with the company, including their 6th year anniversary patch. We loved their hats; it was a standout item for us for sure. They weren’t the only ones with unique items on their table, we came across Klutch Kicks, which not only had the kicks but also had a box full of supreme items that were very rare. They had Wheaties cereal that was Supreme flavored, and they had Colgate toothpaste that was Supreme flavored for only $10 if you forgot your toothpaste at home. If you were a supreme hype beast, this was the table for you to visit. They even had Supreme Oreos, which we have never seen before. It was very cool to see all of the different items Supreme has branded.

While most tables had sneakers, there were some other tables that brought different values to the event. We discovered NJ Rugs, which created custom rugs for anyone, especially sneakerheads. They had custom Jordan rugs for sale, and RugSpaceNJ even had the famous Homer Simpson meme on a rug, which blew our minds. Right across from the rugs was an amazing painter, Novatee Paintings, who had some interesting pieces for sale. He had multiple paintings, but the ones that stuck out to us were his bigger ones, where you could really see the details he puts into his paintings. One piece posted above was the notorious BIG painting which had small details of his career painted inside of the photo. With his eye-catching paintings, he definitely defined "one of a kind." We never saw paintings like his before.

We enjoyed seeing all of the different items at this event because there were so many unique items. One company called Lit Kandles was very unique as they make custom candles, and of course, they came heavy with unique sneaker candles for sale. They had some of the latest limited edition releases, so resellers could flex even with their candles. They also make custom candles for you, so you can have your own logo in the form of a candle! We also came across another unique brand called Get Money Kickz. Who sold "What the" hats instead of shoes. They created hats out of multiple fabrics and creatively put them together to create the "What the" series. It goes along with their clothing line, All Sinners Are Saints, which they created to match some of the latest sneaker releases that came out. Their hats stuck out to us because it was so unique to see one hat made with so many different fabrics. We'd seen it with shoes, but to see it with a hat was very unique. He said he created the hats to match your shoes, so not only will they complement your shoes but your hat too.

You can’t come to a sneaker event and not talk about sneakers, right? Well, this event had the sneakers in the building for sure. With over 100+ vendors, at least 80 of them had a closet full of shoes ready to sell. We've seen pairs from the Virgil X Supreme "Brooklyn" to Travis Scott’s to limited edition SBs to Thunder 4s to Yeezys. There was every shoe you ever wanted in the building; if one table didn’t have it, another table did. One company, Pro Sneakers, came all the way from South Jersey and said, "Yeah, this is way more than we see normally." It was safe to say the resellers came with their best heat for sale. There were also some outrageous prices on the tables; some people had shoes for less than retail, while others had shoes 4x the retail price. We saw a limited pair of Jordan 10s being sold for only $120, and then we saw a pair of shoes being argued over selling for $1250, with both parties raising the price to see who would get the pair. We were able to see one reseller there who was only 13 years old. He said, "By the time I’m 21, I want to be a sneaker billionaire." By the way, his table was set up, we could tell he was well on his way. Walking around in the famous Off White Air Jordan 1 "Brooklyn," we knew this kid knew his stuff.

There were also a lot of family businesses in the building, some with their children in the hopes that one day they will be one of these kids walking around looking for deals. Kicksqueen came through, and she had her son with her, and we asked him, "What do you think of all this?" He replied, "This is so cool to see people buying my mommy’s shoes." It was truly inspiring to see people who had a passion for shoes but still incorporated their children. We also came across Major Kickz, who said, "This was such an amazing experience for myself and my family. We've been reselling for years, and events like this get us out there." It was inspiring to see the family businesses come out and work together. It was a night to remember for these families, as some lucky vendors took advantage of the free tickets to the NJ Devils game courtesy of the Jus Nice Sneaker Convention.

It was a sneakerhead's dreamland; we saw people spend up to $20,000 just on sneakers and leave happier than ever. To see this bring so much joy to people who were in the sneaker community, it was amazing to see. Most of the people we spoke with said they had an amazing time. If you are a sneakerhead, we definitely advise you to tap into the next one that is coming from the Jus Nice Sneaker Camp, as they plan to take this across the country soon enough! For now, they will hold down the reigns as one of South Jersey's best sneaker conventions.

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