Creating Your Coverart Could Make Or Break Your Record, Here's Why


Great Cover Art Goes A Long Way 

Written by Cutty 

The music industry has been around for centuries, and we have seen artists produce some remarkable cover art. From Wu-Tang to Lil Uzi, we have been able to see some creative album covers. We have seen many across the years that have become our favorites. This is something every independent artist should take note of. The good thing about cover art is that you only have to make them once; the pressure is knowing that's the truth. You get one shot at this; how are you going to write your story? Cover art is the message of the music before your audience hears it, so think about how you want to communicate with your fans. You want to draw them in before they press play; you want to tell a story before they hear the music. All of this can be done with cover art. Here are a few reasons why investing in your cover art now can help you in the long run.

The first thing your audience sees before hearing the music is the cover art. As detailed in "How To Become The Perfect Artist," getting your cover art concept together should be the next thing you do after you record that next big hit. You want to really impress your audience; Coverarts allows you to speak to the audience in a picture before they press play, so ask yourself, "What are you saying?" In the music industry, this is a major step for a major artist, so why not make a major step for yourself now? There isn't some hidden wisdom behind cover art; people think of a great idea and contact a graphic designer to get it done. You have the ability to do this as well, especially with sites like Fiverr at your fingertips. You can pay someone $40 on Fiverr, and they will create remarkable cover art for you, so think big when you are about to release that next hit. Think about what I want to say to my audience before they press play.

Great cover art goes a long way; for years to come, you will be remembered. Think about your favorite album. Think about the cover art. Every time you look at it, it reminds you of all the memories you had while listening to that album. Most times, if it's really your favorite, you will go as far as getting a poster of it for your wall. If you're a victim of this, then you can relate. A cover is an investment, and for the right song, it's well worth it. It will keep it alive; when new people come across it, they will fall in love with it, and the ones who are already in love with it will be destined to share it. So study every amazing artist and go look at their discography from beginning to end. Pay attention to their cover art and apply that to your own career now when you're doing your next project. We are in 2022, and we are in an age of remarkable covers. It just takes doing it. So find your graphic designer and give the world something to remember forever. We are all waiting to hang your cover art on our walls.


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