New Music Saturday - "Fun" by Ya K


New Music Saturday 

 "Fun" by Ya K

Written by Cutty 

    A musician from Philadelphia Ya K has arrived in California. He moved to the west coast to expand his music career and build upon his legacy. Ya K is considered a diamond in the rough. He has been changing the opinions of critics for years. People love him more and more with every song he records. His music is very popular because he can relate to inner-city kids, and the youth admire Ya K's ascension. His wordplay and storytelling make you feel like you are apart from the situation he is talking about. He paints pictures with his music for the listener to see. It’s an amazing experience every listener should have. His goal for California is to get people inspired so that they can make it out of their situation into better things. He knows people can be trapped in their minds, and he wants them to know they are free.

One of his most recent releases, "Heiroah Flow," has been one of his most successful. It’s a story of how people can change up on you, and that’s okay. He talks about it in the song. You have to be able to identify when someone is only here for a season and not take it personally. You have to be okay with some people not being in the picture forever. Everyone is part of your growth. The message of the song is very inspiring, which is probably why most people listen to it back to back. Ya K has been on a consistent streak with his music, which has left his fans awaiting a new project. If you like that old-school Philly flow, where you can feel every word, Ya K is a fresh reminder that good wordplay and being lyrical is still in style.

Now let’s get into his newest release, "Fun." This is a club banger for sure. The song talks about how girls want to have fun, especially when they come to Ya K shows. It’s a good summer song to play when you're riding down the street with the top down. It has a good bounce to it, amazing wordplay, and is a feel-good song, which is something we've been wanting. The song itself can put you in a good mood and have you dancing on the dance floor. It’s very special what Ya K is creating. This song specifically lets us know how far Ya K has come and how far he is going. Ya K is definitely on his way to stardom. He has everything he needs to go far. So get in tune with his music today. He definitely has a song for you to listen to that you will enjoy. We are excited to see what he gives us next. Let us know what you think below. 

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