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A Man Of Word Chris Clements

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We have a love for all music across the world. Today we have a special artist to present to you. We have Elder Chris Clements, a gospel artist from Chester, PA, giving us a new genre to report on, which is gospel. He is a humble servant and minister of the Lord Jesus Christ. He has been in church since he was little and the Lord’s word was always spoken highly to him, which started his love for creating the gospel sound he has today. It’s been in his DNA to spread the message about the Lord to his people. He takes it seriously when it comes to talking about his love for the Lord in his music.

So who is Chris Clements? He is a proud retired veteran of the United States Army. He served many years and represented his country with pride. He is also the president and CEO of a nonprofit that was named in honor of his grandfather, The Bishop R. F. Davis Foundation Ministries. They intend to devote their lives to carrying on their grandfather's mission of saving youth and teaching them the word. He recently dropped a hit single called "God’s Love" for his fans. He also included a music video with the song so that people could understand what he was saying in the song. He wants them to visually see what he is saying to his fanbase.

The single "God’s Love" is really a wrap-up of who Chris Clements is. He is a God-loving man who wants to spread the message of the Lord to his people. He wants them to know that you don’t have to love the Lord, but the Lord will always love you and forgive you. His mission is to continue hosting events and making music for the youth to give them something positive to listen to. He wants them to hear more music about love and coming together so we can set our children up for a bright future. Check out his single below and let us know what you think.

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God's Love (Official Music Video)


God's Love (Spotify)


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