New Music From Philly Superstar Lil Mop Top - Sia Produced By Yung Nostra


Lil Mop Top - Sia (Produced by Yun Nostra)

Written by Cutty 

Lil Mop Top is back with another one. Lil Mop Top has been one of the most consistent artists we've seen in a long time, time after time, creating new art with a new sound. It’s greatness like this that we have that we love to showcase for you guys to see. If you don’t know, Lil Mop Top is an artist out of Philadelphia who recently moved over to the west coast where he is expanding his career. He didn’t leave Philly empty-handed, as he had one last present before he left.

Lil Mop Top has been known for creating his own sound throughout his whole career. It goes from his music videos to the music he creates. He left us nothing but the same in this new single "Sia", produced by Yun Nostra. Lil Mop Top has always been known to work with talented people around him, and this song is another example of just that. After listening to it, we were highly impressed, and we know it will surprise you with our review of it. We've seen Lil Mop Top rise over the years, and this single demonstrates to the world why he's in the top 5 in Philadelphia as an independent artist. He has been independent for quite some time but has still been making waves year after year.

The song "Sia" is like nothing you have ever heard from Lil Mop Top. We are so used to his rap side, but this song set the trend early that it was going to be different. The beat is very house and can be heard in a lot of different clubs around the country. It gives you a dance bop vibe and makes you get to your feet. This time, Lil Mop Top himself seems to consistently outdo himself, as he added a house feel to the song this time. His lyrics go right with the beat, so the transition of sound is something you would enjoy. We see this track being very successful in the nightlife scene. If you've ever wondered what Lil Mop Top would sound like as a house artist, here's a sneak peek at his latest music video. which was shot by shotbyfrzz.

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