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La Kaliente Is The New Cali Sound

Written by Cutty 

    California is a dreamland for artists. You can find everything you're looking for. Katherine Rodriguez aka La Kaliente, a California native is definitely enjoying the dreamland she is from. We have been following La Kaliente for months now, and we were able to really see her purpose, more about her brand, and who she is. She is not only an artist, but she is also a fashion designer and a mother. She devotes her life to her son to show him the ways of an entrepreneur and that he can create a brand and make a change. Earlier this year, it was a dream come true when she was able to see her son model her fashion line, "Blue $trips." We asked her how that moment felt. She answered, "It’s everything I work for. I go so hard so he can see a different life I created."She has used her own life as an example for her son, she has him registered in an art school in DTLA, she also has him in the studio and he already has 3 songs recorded and a music video coming soon. Her brand was featured on Fox 28 and nationwide on other major platforms and also in a local LA newspaper.

You may know La Kaliente by her music, but she has been working on her fashion line for quite some time now. "Blue $trips" is a pure California streetwear brand that has casual selections. La Kaliente has been inspired by the great J. Lo, and is looking to create the same level of greatness in her own way. The Blue Strips brand is for those who believe in rich energy; wearing the line will make you feel like $100.It’s a great mix of simple but different enough that it’s something you want to ask about. She wants to get her brand across the globe. She feels like there are a lot of people who carry rich energy and they can relate to the message of her clothes. You can look good and feel good also. There is no in-between when we talk about the Blue $trips brand. The brand has already been published on top-tier platforms. We have a lot of belief that this brand has only begun.

We can’t forget about one of the special things about La Kaliente, which is her music. She gives you that reggae feel as she taps into her Latino side. She is very proud of where she is from, which is El Salvador, and she loves to showcase her love for the country. In her latest EP "Blue $trips", there are multiple songs on there that show her versatility. The 5-track project has some Spanish and English parts, so she reaches both sides. A song that caught our attention is "How You Want It." As a fan of HipHop, she gave some of her best bars on this song that had us really impressed. She also recently dropped a music video for her single on the EP called "Waves". She has been waiting for over a year to release this video, She made sure to take her time with the video, as it looks absolutely amazing. The details and the video itself have shown us that, LaKaliente is serious about her music career. We invite you to watch it below and also check out her EP. She has so much on the way, so get in tune now.

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LaKaliente - Blue $trips EP (Spotify)

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